A Timely Book on Saffron Terror


Book: Bhagwa Dahshatgardi aur Musalmaan (Saffron terror and Muslims - Urdu)
Author: Azam Shahab
Pages: 373  Price: Rs 300
Year: 2014-02-22 ISBN: 978-81-7221-061-8
Publisher: Pharos Media, New Delhi (

Shakeel Rasheed

Whatever is said with facts, proofs and evidences cannot be rejected. Azam Shahab’s assertions in this book are based entirely on proofs and facts. People who enjoy wisdom and conscience and believe in democracy cannot reject this work. No doubt, the majority of people in our country are of this kind. Therefore, we hope that this book will influence a lot of people, will touch their hearts and they will be able to look beyond the web of deceit and lies woven about “terrorism”. If this certainty becomes an accepted truth, some credit will go to this book.

The back-title blurb aptly describes the book as follows:

This book unveils saffron terror as well as its accompanying results. It explains how shrewdly saffron terrorists managed to pass on their crimes to Muslims and how the hatred spread by the Sangh Parivar over the years contributed to this result.
      This book also mentions the “secular” political parties whose hypocritical stances have, knowingly or unknowingly. helped saffron terrorists. This behaviour has severely affected the working of the administration and investigation agencies. This is why whenever a terror incident takes place, the needle of suspicion automatically moves to Muslims. Sangh Parivar endeavours to promote this mindset.

The book succeeds in bringing out the bitter truth that bureaucracy, police and investigating agencies in our country are busy implementing the Sangh Parivar agenda while the victims of this exercise are Muslims.

Former IG Police Maharashtra, Mr SM Mushrif, who himself wrote the eye-opening book “Who Killed Karkare?”, writes in his foreword to this book, “This book mirrors the investigations into terror incidents in India over the last few years and the injustices meted out to Muslims”.

Known journalist Hasan Kamal too has written the introduction for this book in which he says, “Azam Shahab has collected irrefutable material to prove his case”.

Azam Shahab, the author, himself says in his preface that “an attempt has been made in this book to unveil the Brahminist mindset, which though in a minority, shackles the vast majority of this country and controls its security apparatus.”

The book consists of four chapters. The first chapter is on “Terrorism” while the second is on “Saffron terrorism”. Both these chapters offer a description of what is terrorism and how saffron terrorism is more dangerous than other kinds of terrorism in our country. In one place, the author says, “To whom the country belongs in the eyes of Sangh? To Hindus alone, but not to all Hindus. It belongs only to the high caste Hindus. For the Sangh Parivar and BJP, the country belongs to the capitalists, traders, businessmen, and the rich.”

The book exposes the real face of the Brahminist mindset by citing quotes from the writings of Sangh intellectuals. This Brahminist mindset leads to Saffron terrorism.

The third chapter of the book deals with the extensive network and exploits of Saffron terrorists. It deals with the role of Saffron terrorists in terror incidents all over the country in the light of proofs and evidences. The book is replete with quotes from books, newspapers and magazines as well as statements of Sanghi and non-Sanghi leaders and statements of investigation officers. This chapter deals with Sadhvi Pragya and Aseemanand. It quotes police and investigation agency reports as well as statements of the Central and state governments including Home Minister Mr Sushil Kumar Shinde and other political leaders. This book successfully exposes saffron terror.

The most important is the fourth chapter on saffron terror and Muslims. It records arrests of Muslim youth in the name of Lashkar-e Toiba and Indian Mujahideen and exposes the role of investigation agencies and bureaucracy. This chapter all deals with the legal aid by Jamiat Ulama Maharashtra led by Gulzar Azmi, Jamaat-e Islami and other Muslim organisations and leaders who worked to fight the legal cases of innocent Muslim victims.

This book is a record. It will help all those interested to know the truth of the Muslim role in terrorism and will become part of a historical record. The author deserves our thanks. Thanks are also due to Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan whose publishing house is taking the lead in publishing such books like “Who Killed Karkare?” and “Godse’s Children”. The book is printed well using quality white paper. The price is more than adequate. Everyone who believes in secular values, justice and rule of law should study this book which is available from Pharos Media and booksellers.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2014 on page no. 21

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