Political History of Tamil Muslims


Book: A political history of Tamil Nadu Muslims
Author: S.M.S.. M.. Rafique Ahmed
Publishers: illakkiyacholai Publication (contact no, 099408 38051)
Pages: 72
Price: 45
There are many facets to the modern political history of Indian Muslims. One least explored is the political history of Muslims in Tamil Nadu where Muslim Qaide-E- Millath Muhammad Ismail provided a strong leadership in difficult times while Muslims in the north suffered from lack of political leadership in the aftermath of the catastrophic Partition. This situation led to umpteen riots and pogroms.

Tamil Nadu was an exception. After some problems in the post-1990 period, Islamic organisations are emerging again. One result of this awakening was the struggle against the American film slandering the Prophet (pbuh). Muslimsleaders are emerging in Tamil Nadu whose influence is not limited to Muslims. This book deals with the political history of Tamil Muslims written by  SDPI’s deputy leader and spokesperson S. M. Rafique Ahmed. The book is published by Ilakkiyacholai. (Nellai Saleem

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2014 on page no. 21

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