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Mushrif’s 26/11 Probe released in Chennai

 By MG Corresspondent

Chennai: On 26 November 2008, our commercial capital was attacked. In the melee that ensued, Hemant Karkare, the noble officer of the Maharashtra Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) was brutally and treacherously murdered.

It was Mr. Karkare who unearthed the grave and serious conspiracy of the anti-nationalist Hindutva forces like Abhinav Bharat which were conspiring to topple our elected government, trash the Constitution of India in order to establish a fascist Hindu Rashtra.

SM Mushrif receiving sheid of the award

To attain this objective, they exploded bombs all over India and killed innocent citizens.

Since Mr. Karkare exposed these conspiracies, he was mercilessly targeted and killed in a side operation during the Mumbai terror attack which is now commonly known as “26/11”.

Fundamental issues like who killed Karkare and why were completely buried by the agencies which investigated the Mumbai terror attack. But Mr. SM Mushrif, a former Inspector General of Police Maharashtra, painstakingly researched these aspects and brought out all facts in his famous book “Who Killed Karkar  -- The real face of terrorism in India” first published in 2009 in English and translated into seven Indian languages.

Release of Mushrif’s 26/11 Probe by Adv. Gandhi (second from left)

Bihar leader Mr. Radha Kant Yadav, a former MLA, read this book and field PILs and writs in the Supreme Court and Mumbai High Court, but in vain as the Central and state governments and the concerned agencies did all in their power to scuttle an honest probe.

Ajmal Kasab, an accused in the Mumbai terror case, was hurriedly hanged while the killers of Hemant Karkare were  allowed to escape scot free.

After his first expose, SMMushrif did not rest. He he collected all the facts, studied the SC verdict in the Rama Kant Yadave PIL thoroughly and recently came out with another hard-hitting documented book: “26/11 Probe - Why judiciary also failed”.

This book was released at Chennai on 16 March in a mammoth conference on terrorism at Al Malick Hall in Triplicane.
The programme  was organised by Darul Islam Foundation Trust and Vergal Publications.

The book was released by the author, Mr SM Mushrif and the first copy was received by Senior Advocate Mr R. Gandhi of the Madras high court. Mr Gulam Mohammed of Vergal Publications introduced the  contents  of the book in  Tamil.

Another book in Tamil, released during the conference, was “Why kasab was hanged in a hurry and in secret?” which is authorered  by  Gulam Mohamed. This book was released by Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, editor of The Milli Gazette and President of the All India  Muslim Majilis-e Mushawarat. Copies were received by Professor Khiaja Ghani of TMMK. Mr. Changis Khan and Mr Gridharan of the Indian Union Muslim League.

SM Mushrif, speaking on the occasion, offered a detailed account of  how his first book, “Who Killed Karkare?” was vindicated by the judgement of the Supreme Court and yet the Supreme Court preferred to hang Kasab and bury the truth, which anguished him.  Though frustrated the former I G of Maharastra police pinned all hopes on  the judiciary, saying that “we hope  the judiciary will come with a course correction and render justice”.

Mushrif was awarded the second Karkare Award during this conference. He said accepting the award that this is the greatest award for the pains he has taken to unveil the truth. He thanked Darul Islam Foundation Trust for instituting this award in the name of martyr Karkare but for whom the world may not have  known the great conspiracy hatched by anti-national Hindutva forces. However, he refused to accept the cash prize of rupees one lakh and accepted the shield only.

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan spoke on other pertinent  aspects of terrorism.

He said that terrorism throughout the world has a commercial aspect also. Many of the Western countries are dependent on war industry and arms exports. They invest heavily in their war industry in order to keep their economies moving, so they want to create troubles and disturbances throughout the world so that there is a constant demand for the weapons and related services they offer. As regards India, millions die at for want of medicines, even for ordinary diseases, and other petty causes like malnutrition and lack of sanitation which kill millions of Indians every year. But  the politicians are not bothered about all these basic problems. They lament about terrorism which kills only 250 to 350 Indians yearly and this is because the scare created helps them to import billions worth of arms and services with offer hefty kickbacks. Nureacrats and security agencies too take part in this loot especially through the secret funds in thousands of crores which are given to these agencies without accountability and outside auditing.

Many noted dignitaries of Chennai honoured the programme including A. Marx, the renowned human rights activist, NGR Prasath, an authority on  constitutional laws, and Captain Ameer  Ali, founder of many educational institutions.
Professor KM Elyas Riyagi presided and coordinated the programme which was organised by Abu Abrar. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 April 2014 on page no. 13

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