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Persecution of Muslim Brotherhood is illegal and undemocratic: Indian Muslim Mushawarat

New Delhi, 28 March 2014: Persecution of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders and members in Egypt and some other Arab countries is illegal and undemocratic, said the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, in a statement here today.

The statement issued by the AIMMM President Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan said that banning a mass organisation, which only two years back won presidential, Parliament and Shura Council elections in Egypt and whose draft constitution was voted by a majority of the Egyptian voters, cannot be outlawed and banned as “terrorist” by the whims of a military dictator only to knock out a popular movement and to make space for political forces which did extremely badly in the 2012 elections.

Dr Khan said there is no independently verifiable proof that MB indulges in terrorism while it has set a world record by staging continuous popular demonstrations against the usurper military government for the last nine months. People in large numbers keep flouting an illegal law which requires prior police permission to stage a demonstration. Egyptian university and school students are continuously demonstrating in various parts of Egypt against the military coup for the last three weeks.

Dr Khan said the military government has killed some 8,000 and arrested around 22,000 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, workers and supporters. A kangaroo court on 25 March sentenced 528 persons to death for the alleged killing of one police officer. The court proceedings merely lasted half an hour over two days. There are some more similar sentences in line in order to silence the popular opposition and pave the way for the election as President of the putschist general Al-Sisi who has set a world record of army murdering own unarmed people in peace time.

Dr Khan added that the banning of MB in Egypt and some Gulf countries aims at protecting the medieval dictatorships in these countries which overlord their countrymen under American protection. They return this favour by allowing US government and companies to plunder their resources and control their markets.

Dr Khan said MB is too large a popular force to be crushed by the heavy boots of the generals. He said people who are trying to crush MB are only playing with fire and will harm their respective countries.

Dr Khan appealed to all democracy-loving nations and people to raise their voice against this historic injustice.


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