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20 Hard Facts about Gujarat that PHEKU would want to hide

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1. Agriculture productivity has declined in Gujarat compared to the national average.
2. More than 5000 Farmers committed suicide in the last 10 Years.
3. Four Lac Farmers do NOT have electricity connection at all in Gujarat.
4. The census data of 2011 shows that over 11 Lac households in Gujarat doesn’t have electricity.
5. 67% of rural households in Gujarat have no access to toilets. Members of more than 65% households defecate in the open
6. Gujarat is among the worst in the country in rural education. Only 7 percent Gujarat class 5th students can read sentences. This is way below the national average.
7. Gujarat Class 8th students can't read English or Hindi properly.
8. Gujarat ranks 12th in literacy among the states in India.
9. Gujarat ranks 18th when it comes to success in keeping children in schools. 59% children drop out from school.
10. Approximately 47 per cent of children below the age of three in Gujarat are underweight.
11. Infant mortality is high in Gujarat, which ranks 11th countrywide in the rate of decline of infant mortality. 
12. UNICEF has reported that: “Almost every second child in Gujarat under the age of five years is undernourished and three out of four are anemic".
13. One mother in three in Gujarat struggles with acute under-nutrition.
14. Recently 13 Lac aspirants applied for a mere 1500 vacancies in the Government.
15. Employment Rate in Gujarat has grown only at 0.4 per cent, which is much below the national average.
16. More than 60 Thousand Small And Medium Industrial Units have Shut Down in Gujarat in recent years.
17. NSSO has revealed that Gujarat has nearly 4.2 lakh child workers highest in India.
18. More than 1 Crore people in Gujarat live Below the Poverty Line (BPL).
19. Gujarat purchases Solar Power from crony capitalists at Rupees 13 Per Unit without Tender while MP & Karnataka follows a proper tendering process and purchases Solar Power at Rupees 7.5 Per Unit.
20. Gujarat is the most polluted State in the country declared by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).
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