Azam Khan is correct: Kargil was liberated by Muslim soldiers!

Watch NDTV's report: Kargil: Journey of victory
Col Ajit Singh recalls his memories of Kargil with NDTV.
Published On: July 25, 2009 | Duration: 20 min, 13 sec
Follow are comments from two of our columnists:
Mohammad Ghazali Khan: The manner in which Azam Khan has talked about Kargil is deplorable and sheer opportunism. This is not to support an arrogant, maverick and megalomaniac figure like Azam Khan but one fails to understand on what basis has the EC equated him with Amit Shah? The denial by Azam Khan of the sacrifices of soldiers from other communities is shameful but what he has said about Muslims' role is true.
Kaleem Kawaja: In kargil several hundred Indian soldiers were killed. One company of attackers was a Muslim company. But there were other companies of Hindus and Sikhs. Some from those companies were also lilled. Azam khan did not say that. He gave the whole credit to Muslim soldiers and said the liberators of kargil were all Muslims. That is inflammatory and what purpose was Azam khan trying to achieve? EC is very correct in banning his rallies in UP. Otherwise he will say lot more things like this that will create tension between Muslims and Hindus. That is harmful.

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