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Masjid Aqsa conference in Delhi

New Delhi: Calling upon the Muslim Ummah to close its ranks for foiling the nefarious designs of the Zionist entity, a conference on the Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s first Qiblah (praying direction) was held here on Sunday, 13 April. It asked the Government of India to revert back its old policy towards Palestine issue.

Dais of the Masjid Aqsa Conference, Minister Saleh Fheid (left) speaking

Addressing the Conference, organised by the Markazi Jamiat Ulama at the  India Islamic Cultural Centre, Saleh Fheid  Mohammad, Minister at the Embassy of Palestine  in India, warned that the extremist Jews are posing a grave threat to the  Aqsa Mosque as they  have been hatching  conspiracies, one after the other, to destroy this mosque, which is one of the three holiest  shrines of Islam, and to turn into  “Soloman Temple”. He said that Israel is committing atrocities and excesses on the hapless Palestinian people ever since it illegally occupied their motherland. It is the duty of the Muslim world and the peace-loving international community to raise its voice against Israel, he said.

 In his presidential address, All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat president and an expert on Middle East, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan warned that what happened with the Babri Masjid in India can happen with the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem as the Zionists have been continuously conspiring to obliterate Islamic symbols from the land of Prophets. Coming down heavily on the Arab rulers and the OIC, he said both failed to liberate Palestine from the yoke of usurper Israel. Countering Jewish claim that the land belong to Israel, he said  the Jews ruled the area for a mere 70 years during the period the prophets David and Soloman while uninterrupted Muslim rule over the region spanned 13 centuries.  He took the Indian government to task for shunning its old policy towards Palestine saying that today India has become the largest importer of Israeli weapons which supports the Israeli economy in a big way. By organising seminars, conferences and protests, we should tell the world that 200 million India Muslims and many other just-loving people are with cause of Palestine, he said.

Noted scholar from Lucknow’s Nadwatul Ulama, Maulana Slaman Nadwi, dwelt upon the Western and Zionist conspiracies at length saying that some Arab rulers were also involved in supporting Israel. He said there is a need of creating awareness about the Palestine problem among Muslims as well as among other sections of society. He lambasted the rulers of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Syria and other countries for crushing the democratic movements in the region.  

Recalling India’s policy towards Palestine, Mufti Ataur Rehman Qasmi said Gandhiji used to say that just like Japan is for the Japanese people, Palestine is for the Palestinians. He asked the Indian government to sever ties with the Zionist state. He lamented that many Arab countries have established diplomatic contacts with Israel.

Jamaat Islami Hind national secretary Ejaz Ahmad Aslam dwelt upon the history behind the creation of Israel. He said because of Western powers backing and Arab governments’ criminal silence, Israel is following expansionist polices in the region. He deplored the Arab governments for doing only lip service for Palestine while Israel is committing excesses on hapless Palestinian people. Aslam quoted right-thinking Jews that during the long Muslim rule Jews were always treated with respect and dignity while they were persecuted under Christian rule in every part of the world.

In his welcome address, Markazi Jamiat General Secretary Maulana Firoz Akhtar Qasmi said the conference is meant to educate the new generation about the Zionist occupation of Jerusalem and Palestine and the Western conspiracies which  created the Jewish state in the heart of the Islamic world. He pointed out that the Aqsa Mosque has been mentioned in the Qura’n and Ahadees and it was the first Qibla of Muslims.

Conducting the proceedings, Mufti Arshad Qasmi said it is the duty of all Muslims to come forward to protect this holy mosque.

The conference was also addressed by Maulana Anisur Rahman Qasmi, General Secretary of Imrat-e-Sharia Bihar & Orissa, Maulana Junaid Ahmad Banarasi, Dr Syed Farooq, Dr Umar Gautam, Mufti Azizur Rehman, Prof Mohsin Usmani,  Maulana Mohammad Yaqoob Bulandshahari and others.

 During the conference, Maulana Yusuf Rampuri’s Urdu book on the Aqsa Mosque and a souvenir on Palestine were also released.

The conference passed several resolutions asking the world community to support the cause of Palestine and use its influence in lifting the inhuman blockade of Gaza Strip. It also asked the Arab governments to extend all support to the resistance forces in the region which are fighting for liberation of Palestine and the Aqsa Mosque. The conference forcefully demanded that those Arab governments which declared Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas as “terrorist organisations” should revise their decision.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2014 on page no. 12

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