Choose Godhra, Pandya or Akshardham

Gujarat Police gave him the ‘choice’ of being implicated in the Godhra train burning, Haren Pandya murder or Akshardham terror, one of the men acquitted by the Supreme Court in the temple attack case alleged on May 20). Mohammad Saleem was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment under POTA for alleged involvement in the Akshardham case. On May 16, the very day Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi won his historic mandate, the SC set Saleem and five others free, pulling up the Gujarat Police for framing innocent people and blaming the then state home minister -- Narendra Modi -- for “non-application of mind”. Four of the six men had already spent over 10 years in jail (The Indian Express, May 21).

This is the way many poor Muslim youths are framed and branded as terrorists. Police, especially the completely corrupt and unethical Gujarat Police, have the power to elicit a confession from any person (read, a Muslim). Yet this highly communal Modi feigns ignorance and projects himself as if butter doesn’t melt in his mouth. So many Muslim youths were either killed in premeditated police encounters or put behind the bars to languish there till they die. Such incidents have taken place all over the country, but mostly in Modi’s ‘rich and vibrant’ Gujarat, where government machinery, police and judiciary have an unhealthy and dishonest nexus.

Now when his hand-picked Anandibeh is the new CM of Gujarat, brace yourself for more such miscarriages of justice and blatant cases of the violation of human rights.


This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 June 2014 on page no. 2

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