Praveen Swamy is back!

Praveen Swamy on 21 May published a story about a new “terrorist organization” which was reported a day earlier in a DNA report.

Mr. Swami is India’s most prominent terror journalist whose reports have helped Indian government to ‘nab’ many terrorists and ‘bust’ many sleeper cells. It is not clear if Mr. Swamy has came to to know about this story only after DNA published it. The videos mentioned in the report were available on youtube since 22 January 2014. For what the great terror expert was waiting to report it? There are some more questions for him:

Why his report is silent on the identity of the person “Abdal Rahman” who is the speaker in the Ansar-ul-Tauheed videos? Is there any difficulty to ascertain audio analysis of these speeches which were allegedly, according to Swamy, made in Waziristan? Why these videos have different voices and different physical appearances of the speaker introduced as “Abdal Rahman”  whom Praveen Swamy failed to  introduce? Why these videos may not have been shot in India itself? What makes him so certain about Waziristan? Is there any audio-video analysis of these Youtube postings? Did Swamy and or Indian government try to find out the source of these videos, who posted them? One finds that young men in these videos are so lean and thin which is generally not seen in Pakistan. Praveen Swamy is quite resourceful to ascertain the location of the posting of these videos on Net, location of their website activities. Why does he not want to inform his readers about it also?

Omair Anas, JNU

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 June 2014 on page no. 11

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