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Islamic madrasas are cradles of peace

Kairana / Shamli: A prominent French journalist, Fredric Bobbin, the chief of South Asia bureau of France’s leading newspaper ‘Le Monde’ said after visiting Kairana’s old religious institution Esha’atul Islam that Islamic madrasas are centres and cradles of peace and ‘I was very happy to see the style of living, way of life and educational standard of madrasa students’. He said while talking to media persons that ‘I had heard about Darul Uloom Deoband, that it is a big university of the followers of Islam and hence I was directed by the editor of my newspaper to tour the camps and madrasas where the oppressed and communal riots-affected people are taking shelter. Therefore I have come here (Esha’atul Islam) today (5 May) along with any interpreter, Prashant Kumar where I had a detailed meeting with this institution’s chief Maulana Barkatullah Amini, Master Samiullah Khan and camp’s spokesperson Dr Azmatullah Khan’. He said that ‘I was told’ that more than 10 thousand riot-affected people had taken shelter here in helping whom people without any religious discrimination cooperated with us, and added further that he was extremely happy to learn that modern sciences are also taught in the madrasa. He asked the madrasa chief Maulana Barkatullah Amini if Modi will be the prime minister in 2014 elections in reply to which Maulana said that the office of country’s prime minister is an exalted and responsible post for which secular leadership is necessary otherwise there is the danger of the country’s division into pieces, social and cultural and civilizational life style will become bankrupt and secularism will die. After Esha’atul Islam, Bobbin toured Malakpur’s refugee camp and found that riot-affected people were satisfied with the government’s help and assistance and that the government was providing assistance to them. District administration is quite vigilant from this point of view.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 June 2014 on page no. 15

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