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Sir Syed Awareness Forum Organises Seminar On Tipu Sultans’s India On His Death Anniversary

Aligarh: Cowards die times and again but the warriors lay down their lives only once for a noble cause. Tipu Sultan’s life was a testimony to this fact, said AMU VC Zameer Uddin Shah while presiding over a seminar on "Tipu Sultan’s India" organised here by Sir Syed Awareness Forum on 5 May. Addressing a large gathering of teachers, students and people from the district, he said that if we have knowledge and firm belief in God, we should not worry at all. Usually illiterate and semi-literate people face bias and discrimination. Learned people hardly face discrimination.

Chief Guest Mr. S. M. A Kazmi, former Advocate General of UP, said that Tipu Sultan is the finest symbol of composite culture developed by the Muslim rulers of India and he is the best example of communal harmony and tolerance. Tipu Sultan’s abiding concern for his people is still afresh in the minds as the people of Mysore who still visit the grave of the great ruler of India and pay their respect and homage to him. He said that the contemporary political situation in India has generated a narrative of hatred that draws its sustenance from the distorted notion of the history. In this situation the new generation should be reminded of the contribution of Muslim rulers. Some damage can be done to the composite culture of India temporarily but no one can wipe it permanently, he said.

In his keynote address, Prof. Saud Alam Qasmi, Dean of the AMU Faculty of Theology, said that good rulers run their governments on the basis of love and justice and governments have no right to rule if they fail to ensure justice to their people. Tipu Sultan was a saint of saints and was an abstemious of the highest degree . He was a fighter in the day light and saint at night.

President of the Sir Syed Awareness Forum, Dr. Shakeel Samdani said India is greatly indebted to Tipu Sultan who fought for long against the colonial rule. To pay homage to him on his death anniversary is a sacred national duty which is being hardly adhered to these days. He said secularism is a fashion nowadays and leaders only talk about secularism while true secularism was practiced by the Lion of India, Tipu Sultan during his rule. The popularity of Tipu Sultan can be gauged by the fact that after the martyrdom of Tipu Sultan the entire population of Mysore, in which the number of non-Muslims was about 80 per cent, requested the British to take their entire wealth but appoint a member of his family as the ruler of Mysore. Dr. Shakeel Samdani said that it was only due to the treachery of Mir Sadiq and other ministers that Tipu lost the battle. This gives us a lesson that we should be very careful with hypocrites in our midst. Dr Samdani urged the VC to make the Tipu Sultan Strategic Centre fully functional at the earliest.

Chairman of the Faculty of Mass Communications, Prof Shafey Kidwai, drew parallel between Sir Syed and Tipu Sultan and said they both shared an abiding concern for the emancipation of Indians. We desperately need their vision for India.

According to Prof NAK Durrani of the Faculty of Mass Communications, Tipu was not only a great warrior but he was also a distinguished and complete personality in himself. He not only gave the silk industry a boost but also was the inventor of missile technology. He established indigenous factories for preparing arms and ammunitions and military equipment in his state and with the help of these latest weapons he defeated the English army many a time.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 May 2014 on page no. 13

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