Rising Hindu Militancy


“We seem to be breathing in a cauldron of extreme religiosity,” a character in Russian great Maxim Gorky’s story ruefully states. The same state of affairs can be likened to that of Maharashtra, nay of whole India, in the wake of an innocent youth’s (Mohsin) brutal killing in Poona, a ‘city of civilised people’ and one useless octogenarian Delhite Mr Batra of Shiksha Bachao Andolan’s religious sallies of the mind.

What happened in Poona following the controversial FB posts is simply reprehensible. Some dubious Hindu Rashtra Sena and its brainless goons under the leadership of one Dhananjay Desai went berserk, killing and attacking people from the minority group.

This is indeed disgusting. I’ve been reiterating for many years that Hindus have always been violent like any other community. Just because they didn’t get a suitable opportunity to assert their religious pigheadedness cannot be adduced as their latitudinarism and religious all-inclusiveness. Now they’ve got it and the reins are in their hands.

I ask these uncultured militant Hindus, what do they know of their ‘great’ faith and what do they know of Shivaji, who was never so great a Hindu ruler as to be considered extra-important by the Mughals in Delhi?

There was a time when court jesters could make fun of the kings and Natya Shastra mentions this exclusively. Even Shivaji was criticised by his courtier Nanaji More who wrote parodies on him. Shivaji never excoriated him.

We’re living in dangerous times with dangerous people who think themselves to be the custodians of religion. This frightens me.

The case of Batra is slightly different, but it also falls in the same category of bellicose Hinduism. He’s under the impression that god has sent him to save Hinduism from linguistic and literary adulteration! First, he made Penguin pulp the remaining copies of the US scholar Wendy Doniger’s “Hinduism” and now he wants to purge all textbooks of Persian, Arabic, Urdu and English words. He takes a scunner to words like ‘Takht’ (throne), ‘khatm’ (end), ‘baadshah’ (king), ‘adalat’ (justice, court), to name but a few. To him, all these words are of MUSLIM origin! Now who’ll tell him that no language belongs to a particular religion? He himself speaks incorrect Hindi of North India like: Aap bolo  instead of Aap kahiye. But these numskulls try to ferret out ‘foreign’ words that are now part of our socio-linguistic milieu and cannot be expunged from our collective psyche.

The Hindification and Hinduization are two potential weapons of these belligerent Hindus, which they wield at will. It’s time, we put mockers on these Hindu fanatics to call ourselves as an all encompassing and advanced-thinking society.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 June 2014 on page no. 2

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