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Indian Mushawarat asks world community to stop the Israeli aggression against Gaza

New Delhi, 13 July 2014: All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the apex body of Indian Muslim organisations, condemned the continuing Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza Strip who are already reeling under the Israeli blockade since 2006. As of today, the Israelis have killed 166 Palestinians including women and children and injured 1100 persons in addition to causing incalculable damage to the Strip’s infrastructure and populated areas, flattening hundreds of houses in a relentless war started a week ago by the Israelis using the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli soldiers although it is yet to be decided who committed that crime.

President of AIMMM, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, said it is lamentable that the Arab countries, especially Egypt, have failed to stop the Israeli aggression. Dr Khan said this is the third Israeli war on the people of Gaza Strip since 2006 when it started its illegal blockade after Hamas came to power through a fair election. Israel’s aggression on a territory which is under its occupation since June 1967, is a simple war crime. Dr Khan said, it is the duty of the Arab countries and human rights organisaitons to take Israel to the World Court of Justice and to impose strict boycott of Israel until it is forced to see reason, stops aggression and withdraws from occupied territories.


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