Israeli slaughter continues in Gaza Strip

Gaza City, 19 July 2014: With full American, Western and even some Arab support, Israel continued its genocide in Gaza Strip for the 13th day today, killing 40 persons including a number of children. So far Israel’s US-supported war machine has killed 340 Palestinians and injured 2300. About 70 percent of all victims are young children and women.

Israel continues to pound Gaza Strip from air, land and sea in a bid to force Hamas and allied resistance forces to unconditional surrender and subsequent disarmig and dismantling of their arms manufacturing facilities.

Two brothers among 40 killed on 19 July 14 (Photo: Al-Jazeera)
Two brothers among 40 killed on 19 July 14 (Photo: Al-Jazeera)

As a result of continuous pounding and the Israeli blockade since 2007, all hospitals of Gaza Strip lack adequeate facilities, equipment and medicines. Electricity too is cut off from most of Gaza Strip as a result of the Israelis targetting supply lines.

Palestinian civilians continue to take refuge in UNRWA facilities. As of today, 19 July, 40,000 persons were taking shelter in UNRWA offices, godowns and schools.

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