David vs. Goliath

The third round of intifada being fought on the bloodied soil of occupied Palestine has classic contours of the historical confrontation between right and wrong, truth and untruth.

Palestinians are brave people. Even so much pounding they are receiving for over half of a century, their resolve to reclaim their land from the usurpers does not seem to waver. In fact, they are not just fighting the small enclave of Jewish occupied Palestine that had been snatched from them by the colonial powers and handed over to their Jewish proxies. Palestinians are fighting the great super power of United States of America that is in the iron-grip of Jews and Zionists.

Without the US-supplied and paid for iron domes, the tanks, the air force, the chemical stock pile, the unmentionable nuclear arsenal -- all provided by the USA, with continuous goading and prodding by America’s Jewish Neo-cons, the Jewish enclave will not survive a single day’s comparable attack by Palestinians or their supporters. Jews will run like scared rabbits, once their homes and hearths are under attack the way they have been attacking the Palestinians all these years since 1948.

In fact, the rockets that American-supplied IRON-DOME anti-missiles neutralize in the current confrontation do nevertheless create panic in Jewish neighbourhoods.

Though media is biased in not showing the true impact of the run for shelters that common Israeli civilians have to resort to, once early warning siren go on. There is sufficient proof that Jewish people are not unaffected, even if they are not dying at the same rate that the Israeli shootings caused massacre in undefended and totally exposed Gaza Strip.

However much triumphalist Jews may feel in Occupied Palestine with western help, they do have a deep foreboding that a day of reckoning will eventually come to their so-called self-declared “Jewish State” and its brutal people.

If Hamas can get crude rockets to fire on Jewish areas, it is only a matter of time that they can get their hands on more sophisticated armoury and whatever the power and capacity of Jews to inflict pain and suffering on Palestinians, the Jews have no comparable capacity to endure pain and suffering, at least at the present state of their overblown delusional confidence and love for good life, at the hands of the Palestinians.

Their outburst at the death of three Jews found in an occupied area at the hands of unknown criminals that has resulted in a war situation in Occupied Palestine is enough to prove that Jews cannot suffer pain and humiliation the way beleaguered Palestinians are and can.

The world is aghast as to how the poor, emaciated, ill-equipped Palestinians get the steel to stand up to a paper Goliath supported and funded by foreign powers. The day a trigger will engulf this paper Goliath, it will go into flames without any trace on the face of earth. Even its staunch supporter, the current world super power will be humbled.

Maktoob: It is written.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2014 on page no. 2

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