The Communal Police

Police have finally admitted that Muslims think, they’re communal and corrupt (front page news item, Indian Express, 17 July).

Der aayad, durust aayad. This is a flagrant reality that was being denied quite vehemently by Indian police for many years. The role of Indian police, regardless of any state, has been blatantly biased and prejudiced against Muslims during communal unrest and riots right from Independence. The presence of Muslims in police force is insignificant and it vindicates the Hindi adage that ‘Akela chana bhaad nahin phod sakta’ (a couple of swallows do not make a summer).

In a pyramidical role hierarchy of Indian Police Service (IPS), one hardly finds Muslim top brass. Those who’re there are more as token designations to project a false image of secularism in police service. It’s a mere hogwash. People can adduce the example of disgraced DIG Vanjara of Gujarat Police, who hobnobbed with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah (actual culprits of Gujarat pogrom in 2002) but there’re many Vanjaras in police force who’re morbidly anti-Muslim. It’s time, such officers and top cops got the insinuation that their bias cannot be condoned any longer.

So many innocent Muslim youths have been languishing in jails. Many have died there due to unthinkable torture. Many lives and families have been ruined by the communal police. ‘Mera qaatil hi mera munsif hai/ kya mere haq mein faisla dega?’ (My killer is my judge/How can he pass a favourable verdict?). This Urdu couplet perfectly applies to the police from the perspective of Muslims in India. Shouldn’t we all accept this unpalatable truth?

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2014 on page no. 2

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