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India erupts against Israeli crimes in Gaza

In a unique show of solidarity, whole India protested against the Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip. Every single day demonstrations were held across the country in hundreds of cities and towns - something not seen since the zionist war criminal Sharon's Delhi visit in September 2003. Students, leftists, human rights and political activists, Muslim organisations all were on their feet every single day though world media as usual did not care to cover these mass protests against Israel and its backers. One young man even died by police bullets during a protest in Kashmir. The only black spot was the BJP government which chose not to condemn the Israeli crimes and even prevented a debate and resolution in parliament. Mainstream media showed its true colours by towing the western media line which feeds these outlets. Here are only a few glimpses of protests across the country which still continue as we go to press

Delhi, 14 July

Mysore, 18 July 

Mumbra, 19 July 

Mumbai, 13 July 

Mumbai, 18 July

Mettupalayam (TN), 12 July 

Malerkotla, 19 July 

Lucknow, 19 July 

Lucknow, 15 July 

Kolkata, 19 July 

Kerala, 11 July 

Kashmir, 14 July 

Kargil, 15 July 

Indore, 19 July 

Hyderabad, 13 July 

Hyderabad, 13 July 

Gulbarga, 12 July 

Delhi, 18 July 

Degloor (Nanded), 21 July

Coimbatore, 19 July

Chennai, 12 July

Surat, 18 July 

Srinagar, 14 July 

Shimoga (Karnataka), 18 July 

Sangareddy, Telangana, 13 July 

Aurangabad (MS), 18 July 

Aligarh, 16 July 

Chandigarh, 18 July  

Bangalore, 20 July 



This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2014 on page no. 13

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