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The communal violence in Saharanpur should be halted at once before it spreads and becomes uncontrollable, said the Pakistani Daily Times in an editorial on 28 July, 2014. The violence was a result of a land dispute between the Muslim and Sikh communities and so far has claimed three lives. The Daily Times in its editorial said, “Saharanpur is a place under direct influence and control of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is suffering intolerance and aggression in the form of religious discrimination. It is a matter that needs to be sorted out before a large-scale eruption of communal riots breaks out, the potential is there and it must be curbed.” The editorial further said that the Muslims in India were “extremely wary of what would be of their lot once Narendra Modi came to power after controversies surrounding his role in the 2002 Gujarat riots…If the above-mentioned two incidents are anything to go by, the forecast looks grim for the many Muslims in India, especially in Uttar Pradesh,” the editorial said.

The editorial also mentions another incident which has caused immense insult to the Muslim community. A Shiv Sena MP, Rajan Vichare, was videotaped last week, force-feeding a Muslim catering supervisor in New Delhi’s Maharashtra Sadan.This is a despicable act because Muslims were observing the holy month of Ramzan and forcing food down a fasting Muslim is a grave insult to his religious sentiments. Now the question is: Does Modi have a tacit game-plan on his agenda to completely alienate and destroy the minority community and finally decimate it from the Hindu land? Yes, he has. All the communal events and episodes following BJP’s rule are indicative of this nefarious design. Modi is modern Nero, who’s fiddling while homes of Muslims are burning.

To a non-communal discerning mind, everything seems to be happening according to a premeditated strategy. This is called ‘pruning of a group.’ Muslims are being pruned down to insignificance in a bid to purge Hindu India of Yavanis and Maleccha (two derogatory terms bestowed upon Muslims by medieval Brahmins of the sub-continent) -- Aage-aage dekhiye hota hai kya (Let’s see what happens next). Muslims must brace themselves for a bleak future in Hindu India. Yah peshangoi nahin, maujooda haqeeqat hai (This is not a prophecy. This is the ongoing reality).  

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2014 on page no. 2

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