Hindu judge’s biased statement

Supreme Court judge Justice A R Dave said on 2 August that Indians should revert to their ancient traditions, and texts such as Mahabharata and Bhagwad Gita should be introduced to children at an early age.

He further said that had he been a dictator, he’d have introduced these texts right from the beginning so that students could imbibe the spirit of these texts from a very early age. The very surname “Dave” suggests that this ‘gentleman’ is a Gujarati Hindu. What’s all the more disturbing, nay disgusting, is the fact that he’s a senior Supreme Court justice. How can a judge be so openly biased?

I wrote in a Bengali newspaper just prior to Modi becoming the PM that once he would become the PM, the level of already slavish judiciary would further worsen. In fact, anyone could say that.

One doesn’t have to be a soothsayer to foretell Modi sarkar’s predictable moves and measures in favour of the majority (read, Hindus).

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2014 on page no. 2

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