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ZFI Eid Milan

The 12 ZFI fellows selected for Civil Services this year were felicitated in a programme jointly organized in New Delhi by Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Zakat Foundation of India. Justice Rajender Sachar was the chief guest. The programme was attended by a cross-section of all faiths including the present and former secretaries, senior police officers of the Govt of India and of the armed forces, vice chancellors of universities, diplomats, mediapersons and many others.

The President of both the organizations Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood said, quoting the Sachar Committee report, that “in a pluralistic society a reasonable representation of various communities in government sector employment is necessary to enhance participatory governance. However, in no Indian state does the representation of Muslims in the government departments match their population share. Muslims comprise less than 3% of officers in the civil services and their low presence in the judiciary has been a major point of concern. In the lower levels of government service all minorities taken together comprise only 2%”. Dr Mahmood added that minority candidates need to appear in higher numbers in the competitive examinations.

Dr Mahmood also made a PowerPoint presentation through which he explained that in the Lok Sabha, @13.4% (i.e., national Muslim population), there should be 73 Muslim MPs. But during the period of 62 years from 1952 to 2014, the average number of Muslims in Lok Sabha has been less than 27. The situation in state assemblies is worse. As per Sachar Committee, the main reason of this paradox is that most of the Muslim predominant constituencies have been reserved for Scheduled Castes while the constituencies with much less Muslim percentage with very high SC presence have not been reserved. He gave the examples of Nagina (UP) and Karimganj (Assam) parliamentary constituencies where, as per Census, Muslims comprise more than 50% with negligible SC visibility yet both have been reserved for SCs. He also reeled out a list of assembly constituencies like Bagaha (Bihar), Khargram (West Bengal), Bahraich (UP) etc. That’s why Sachar Committee recommended that the Delimitation Commission should be told to remove these anomalies. But the Government of India during the last seven years has not even talked about this important Sachar recommendation.

Dr Mahmood revealed that he has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminding him of his commitment made in his first speech in the parliament promising that special-purpose measures will be taken by his Government for Muslim uplift.

This year, 13 ZFI fellows have been finally selected for the civil services out of which 12 were present in the programme and Justice Sachar gave to them ZFI Certificates of Successful Inscription. Their list is as follows:
SSCGC finally selected in 2014:
1. Mr Johny Tom Varghese (Kerala)
2. Mr Unice Ismail (Kerala)
3. Dr Anees C (Kerala)
4. Mr. Shiraz Daveshyar (Delhi)
5. Mr. Raja Yakoob Farooq (J&K)
6. Ms Sana Akhtar (U.P.)
7. Mr. Afaq Ahmad Giri (J&K)
8. Mr. Ehtesham Waquarib (Jharkhand)
9. Mr. Md Iqbal (Bihar).                                                               
10. Ms. Afsana Perween (Jharkhand)
11. Modassar Shafi (Bihar).
12. Mr.  Md Moin Afaque (U.P.)
13. Mr.  Raunaq Jamil Ansari (Jharkhand)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2014 on page no. 13

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