First all-women conf. in the Valley

Women belonging to different walks of life and from far and wide thronged the first all-women Conference organized by Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) here, August 10.

The lectures were delivered by IRF president and renowned Islamic scholar, Dr. Zakir Naik’s family. Among the prominent speakers was Dr. Naik’s wife, Farhat Zakir Naik.  

Thousands of women, irrespective of their age, thronged the venue at the University of Kashmir, to listen to the lectures, particularly the one delivered by Farhat Zakir Naik.

A group of women participants at the Venue said that they had travelled all the way from border district, Kupwara to listen to her lecture. “It was indeed enlightening and widened our vision,” they said.

The conference titled “Srinagar Islamic Peace Conference - 2014” organized by Feroz Peerzada and managed by Loud Beetle, a Kashmir based event management company, saw a larger audience than the seating capacity in the Varsity’s Convocation Hall.

Estimates say that around 5000 women participated in the programme. The hall was jam-packed and many women could be seen waiting outside the Hall. After the left-out women raised a hue and cry, they too were accommodated towards the end of the session.  

Many women could be seen sitting on the floor of the Convocation Hall to listen to the lectures.

A police standing outside the Hall said that he found people coming from far-off places to make it to the Venue and many participants arrived much earlier than the scheduled time. “Such was the enthusiasm and interest among them,” he added.
Speeches were mostly focused on the changing trends of life style among the women in Kashmir.

Farhat Zakir Naik answered the queries raised by the women participants towards the end of the programme. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2014 on page no. 10

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