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Students need toilets and Electricity not mere speeches: Campus Front

New Delhi (4 September 2014) : Campus Front of India considers “The directive of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to states to ensure all schools can access the Prime Minister’s address on Teacher’s Day as impractical and is against basic federalism in a democratic nation”.

Condemning this directing a protest was held at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi 4th September 2014, in which many students from various schools and colleges participated. The protest was led by Campus Front national President P. Abdul Nazar. Abdul Nazar said “We are not against the drive to bond students with the ruling Government. Students should hear and act on the address given President, Prime Minster, Chief Minister etc but forcing every one exhibits the dictatorial attitude hence it void in democratic nation like ours”.

Condemning this directing a protest was held at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi 4th September 2014

The ASER 2013 report based on a survey of nearly 14,000 rural primary schools in about 550 districts revealed that 47 percent of the schools did not have useable girls' toilets. The surveyors checked the toilets to see whether they were open to use, and whether water was available. Another survey by the NGO CRY in 747 schools of 71 districts had an even worse result. They found that only 18 percent of schools had separate toilets for girls and in 34 percent schools the toilets were in "bad condition or unusable.

Instead of spending millions on mere speeches the government should spend on basic infrastructure in Schools such as toilets, electricity and teachers” Nazar added.

Campus Front Gen Sec Inamur Rahman said “Teachers day is a day teachers in which student perform for them but the directive has spoiled it by making teachers busy for making arrangements. And more over the recent statement by MHRD minister Smriti Irani that teacher’s day has not been renamed it was a mere eye polish. Its clear that HRD is being directed towards a saffronisation which is basically against our secularism”.

The NDA government is focusing on trivial issues rather than concentrating on the real issues like the low admission rates, dropout rate and School infrastructure and Education quality. But as it always happen Mr. Modi is only interested in advertisement, propaganda and promoting oneself. No doubt It’s his right to connect with the Nation as its Prime minister, but why at the stake of National Teachers Day? Or in that case any other National Day?. We Demand him to desist from these kinds of acts and don’t destroy the image of the office he is holding. He said.

The issued directive also is a grave threat to Federal structure. Education is a responsibility of the state by the Constitution of India. Going by that it would be hazardous if the Union government starts implementing its whims and fancies and tries to circumvent the Federal structure put in place by Constitution. This is a direct assault on federal structure. This is yet another manifestation of the dictatorial work style of which the Prime minister is usually accused. We demand NDA government to desist from Saffronising and Trivializing the Education System and focus of the Real Issues rather than propaganda and self advertisements.

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