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Modi’s address on Teachers' Day is highly condemnable

Hyderabad (4 September 2014): Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee express its concern by stating that 5th September which is celebrated as Teachers' Day in India has been turned into Modi’s day because of Modi’s interference of addressing to the students on the occasion and it may be also called as  fascist attempt.  Teachers' day is celebrated to recognize the services of the teacher community in imparting education which is the basic need of every child and also to pay respect to the teacher but this time Modi selected this day to implement his ideology and to intervene into the education system. It is also surprising that he also wants to address the children apart from teachers.

It is out of thought as to why he wants to address “children” on Teachers' Day? Normally in India Teachers Day is celebrated in all the schools and it is self government day for the children. Their desire to become teacher and act like their favourite teacher is fulfilled. In a way it is their tribute to their teachers. After this students give gifts to their teachers. In the private schools the school management honours the teachers with special gifts along with party. Overall it seems to be the day of festival both for the students and teachers.

This year teachers and students of the private and government managements are all confused of how to celebrate this year’s teacher’s day. They are getting a kind of feeling that their freedom to enjoy one day without any restriction is being imposed with the address of the Prime Minister. Now, government and private school managements have to make special arrangements such as TV sets, cable connection, seating arrangement, electricity, adjust school schedule. By this the Teachers Day will turn into Modi’s day and it will set a bad example and now and then every big and small leader by taking advantage of this Modi’s speech will want to address children and will intervene into school education system just to gain popularity and propaganda.   

This is not just addressing the students but there is bigger conspiracy behind this address. He wants indoctrinate the tender minds to be influenced by him and he also wants to show that he is the only able leader (so-called) and he wants to erase the memories of the great personalities of Indian history from the minds of children. 

This committee strongly condemn this attempt of disturbing Teachers' day by prime Minster Modi to show his hegemony and now time has come to say Mr.Modi enough is enough and don’t cross the limits, don’t hurt the self respect of teachers and leave the children alone .

Lateef Mohammed Khan
G. Secretary,
Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee. India
Amberpet, Hyderabad, A.P, India - 500013
Phone: 09391051586, 09347853843 Fax: 040-27427860
Email: Website: 

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