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It was not easy for us then to decide to close down MG print edition; it is equally difficult for us now to decide to continue it. But we have no option but to continue in view of so much pain and concern felt by thousands of our readers and well-wishers across the globe who have mailed, phoned and visited us during these past few weeks urging us to find a way to continue...

Let me be clear: we are yet not out of the woods, but we will continue the print edition, insha Allah, as a result of the heart-rending reactions of many of our readers. One of the first reactions was from a Kolkata lady who broke down saying that the news of MG closure is as if someone in her family has just died, or the retired AMU professor, also a lady, who phoned us saying that whenever she thinks of MG closure, she has a sinking feeling, or the retired professor and former MP who phoned us repeatedly to say that the closure of MG will be a “catastrophe,” or the Maulana working in a Gulf country who offered to pay us half his salary for life so that MG would continue… Then there were many who bluntly told us: “MG is now millat’s asset, you cannot close it”!… This left us speechless. We were also touched by the support Urdu press all over India gave MG by repeatedly publishing news, interviews and even editorials lamenting its imminent closure and exhorting their readers to come forward to rescue the Millat’s only voice in English… Generous offers and promises have come our way from our well-wishers in India and from NRIs, though very little has materialised so far.

We have decided to continue seeing our readers’ reactions, promises of our well-wishers and because a paper like MG is needed today more than any time in the recent past. All of you know that MG was started with a mission to bring out Indian Muslim news and views which are neglected or distorted by mainstream media. Today, this need is felt much more acutely with the ascendance of Hindutva forces, mainstreaming of hate politics and capitulation of the media for various reasons.

We hope we will never have to stop again in future. But without your continued support, a swimmer in the opposite direction like MG will not survive for long. A publication like MG per se cannot become a commercial success and cannot adopt the dubious survival strategies like indulging in paid news or hooking on to a political leader or party or a corporate group. To stay free, fair and frank, we need your continuous support. Please continue to subscribe and advertise in MG and encourage others also to do so. This is the only way a fiercely independent and outspoken paper can survive.

There is no time to relax. Indian Muslims news.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2014 on page no. 1

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