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Hanifa School's Birthday Gift to the Father of Nation

Borsad, Gujarat (1 October 2014): The students of Hanifa School (Eng. Medium), Borsad prepared a gift in advance for Father of Nation, Gandhi Ji, by cleaning Borsad City which is also famous for Dandi Heritage Route. The students as well as their parents and staff of the school, willingly, took up to the streets of Borsad for cleanliness drive on 1st Oct. It was a One day drive which had a long term effect on the locals. By the end of the drive locals also started participating in getting their city cleaned. Apart from the drive, locals also got some vital tips from the students on how to maintain cleanliness and on waste disposal. The highlight of the drive was when the students did role-plays from popular Hindi movie MunnaBhai MBBS and portrayed main characters Munna and Circuit. Students also edited and made rib tickling remixes of popular Hindi Songs like "Kachra Re", "Chaar Baalti Kachra" and "Tujhme Marz Dikhta hai..."

Cleanliness Driver India - Swachch Bharat

Chairman Faisal Fazlani, Director Zuber Gopalani, principal and senior school management committee members and from DoS office-Bhanu Bhai along with Borsad seva nigam and the Faculty of Hanifa School were also present for the drive. They addressed the locals and stressed upon the need of keeping the area clean. It was indeed a worthy task as this drive also united people from all sects of life to clean the Heritage Route. At the end of the drive, school also came up with signature drive in which locals also took oath to maintain the cleanliness and they promised students that they would keep their locality clean. All the people present in the drive had sense of satisfaction as well as being proud as it is said Cleanliness is half of Faith. People got a feeling of belongingness as this drive was also one of the virtue which Gandhi Ji Followed. Happy Birthday in Advance Bapu.

Harinder Dhillon,
Hanifa School
(Managed by Aishabai and Haji Abdul Latif Charitable Trust)

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