Communal tension continues in Bawana, North Delhi

New Delhi (5 October 2014): The situation in Bawana area of North-West Delhi remains sensitive after some anti-social elements are continously trying to instigate Hindu-Muslim violence.

Map of Bawana

A few days back on 2 October, some 200 Hindu youths riding motorcycles and cars paraded  the area with police protection in the name of preventing cow slaughter. Muslims will be observing Eid-ul-Adha on 6 October, Monday, but no one in Delhi sacrifices cows, respecting the sentiments of the Hindu community.

The next day, on 3 October, Hindu youths observed road jam. Posters appeared in the area calling for war to protect cow. Here is one:

Cow Protection Poster in Delhi - Hindu Muslim Violence

Hindi Transliteration of the poster:
Kat-tee Gaaye, Bat-ta Desh
Nahi Sahenge: Gau maata ki roz ho rahi hatya ke khilaaf seedhi jung ka aelaan.
Aewam, Hinduon ke dharam par mandara rahe khatrey ke khilaaf awaaz bulnadi ke liye sachchey Hindu Aekrit hon.
Hindu Krantikaari Sena ke ghatan ka shapath samaaroh.
Sirf un gaoo putron ko aamantrit kiya jata hai Jo apni maa ki garima bachane ke liye apna sab kuch nauchawar karne ke liye taiyyar hon.
English translation of the poster:
Cow slaughters, Nation Divided
Will not tolerate any more: Announcement of direct war against the every day killing of Cows [our mother] and to raise voice against the constant threat to religion of Hindus, truthful Hindus come forward.
Swearing ceremony for Hindu Revolutionary Army.
This invitation is only for those sons of Cow who are ready to completely submit themselves to save the honour of their Mother [cow].

There are rumours that youths from 50 villages are being mobilised to attack Muslims of the area soon. Late night on 3 October, while parading areas it was found that Hindu youth were themselves trying to release a few cows in the area to be later show as proof of crime. Luckily the police took custody of the animals and arrested a few youth.

Yesterday, on 4 October, Station House Officers (SHO) of Bawana and Narela Police Stations had a meeting with Muslim leaders of the area which was also attended by members of Jamiat Ulema Hind’s Delhi unit. In the meeting the Muslim side demanded that elders of the Hindu community be invited to solve the problem with a dialogue, to which the police declined. Some Hindu Youths were even protesting this meeting of Muslims and Police and raised slogans against it.

Muslim residents of Bawana are in a state of fear and are having sleepless nights as some think the low deployment of police will be inadequate to handle any communal violence. Some Muslims are demanding deployment of Rapid Action Force (RAF) or Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) as they do not have faith in the local police.

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, President, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, has appealed to Delhi police to take all measures for the protection of the people and to take action against the anti-social elements spreading false anti-Muslim propaganda and instilling hatred between Hindus and Muslims and instigating violence with inflammatory posters.

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