After Ansari’s unjust ouster, MAEF on death-bed

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This letterhead bearing Maulana Azad’s photo and quote has now been discarded

Maulana Azad Education Foundation (MAEF) was established in 1989 with a vision - to encourage education in the Muslim community. Its work is mainly limited to offering some scholarships and aid to educational institutions to develop their infrastructure. It got going under the previous UPA regime and received a fillip with the appointment of a capable and upright secretary in the form of Wazir Ansari, an senior IPS officer who accepted the post with a dream to do something for the community. But since he would not toe the line of the previous minister (Rahman Khan) and failed to oblige him, his cronies and ministry officials, he had to face false allegations and was sent back unceremoniously to his home state (Chattisgarh) without being given a chance to clear his name (see previous coverage in MG issues 344 and 345). MAEF was a corrupt mess before his arrival and it is again a mess after his departure. A functionary of the ministry has been given additional charge as secretary and Ansari's bete noire, Ms Priti Madan, jt. secretary in the Ministry of Minority Affairs, has been made a member of MAEF governing body in clear violation of the statute of the autonomous body.

Ansari is being punished even under the new minister, Dr Najma Heptulla. His "Last Pay Certificate" (LPC) is not being sent to Chattisgarh Police despite five letters/reminders sent to the ministry till now in this respect. Work in MAEF is at a standstill. Corruption is back again after it was wiped out by the no-nonsense Ansari. Employees have started side dealings to facilitate grants. Following is an English translation of a letter in Hindi some employees of MAEF have sent to the new minister, Dr Heptulla who, it seems is being kept in the dark although all blame in the end will be heaped at her door... MAEF's sister organisation, National Minorities Development Finance Corporation (NMDFC) is for all practical purposes dead now. Will MAEF be next? (Zafarul-Islam Khan) 


To Mrs Dr Najma Heptullah
4th Floor, Paryavaran Bhavan
CGO Complex, New Delhi

Sub: Conspiracy being hatched to defame you

Hon’ble Minister ,
Attached herewith is the LPC [last pay certificate] issued to Mr Ansari, former secretary, and his DO [demy official letter] letter. Please go through them.
1. Maulana Azad’s photo which used to be on Maulana Azad Education Foundation (MAEF)’s old letterhead and on  MAEF website has been removed. Also, official letters which are being sent from MAEF do not have his photo and the quotation borrowed from one of his writings - “Education imparted by heart can bring revolution in society”- has also been removed and for all this, you are held responsible. It is also being said that on your order, Maulana Azad’s photos and the quote from his writing have been removed.
2. Previously, along with the logo, his quote: “Education imparted by heart can bring revolution in society” used to be printed on MAEF letterhead. What greater conspiracy can there be than to remove all these from the letterhead of MAEF which was set up in his name and now a conspiracy is being hatched to finish or abolish it and all this is being done in your name about which probably you have no idea. Mr Ali Ahmad [current secretary] is doing his best to destroy MAEF but for this you are being blamed.
3. Mr MW Ansari left, or rather was made to leave MAEF more than three months ago but till date his LPC has not been sent. In spite of many letters from Chhattisgarh government, his LPC has been withheld because of the conspiracy of some employees/authorities of MAEF as well as officials in the ministry, whereas, according to some sources, his “leave” has been approved by you. As per govt rule, the salary of any employee cannot be withheld, what if the person concerned (Ansari) holds IPS/DG rank. MAEF and ministry authorities, in complicity, do not give you any information about his salary being withheld because he never gave any importance to these people. So now they want to take revenge through Ali Ahmad who is dancing to the tune of ministry authorities while everything is being done in your name though, we are sure, you can never do any such thing but every thing is being done in your name.
4. When every activity of MAEF is governed by its Supreme Governing Board, why are the ministry’s authorities interfering in it? We think that just as NMDFC (National Minorities Development Finance Corpn) and CWC [Central Waqf Council] have been fully destroyed or abolished by ministry officials and their funds are being misappropriated by these people, in the same way a conspiracy is being hatched to destroy MAEF also and probably your are being kept in the dark. In a way, all work in MAEF has stopped.
5. Secretary Ali Ahmad, Farman Khan and other employees of CWC come to MAEF office only to collect all scholarship application forms in their bags and misplace them or throw them away. Last year when Mr Ansari was the secretary more than one lakh scholarship applications were received. For this year he had laid down a target of more than 3 lakh applications but now he has gone. It appears that this year less than one lakh applications might be received and whatever is received will be misplaced or thrown away by Ali Ahmad and his men. If someone asks any information through RTI, MAEF will be in trouble and the entire blame will be put on you. As long as Ansari Sahab was there he never allowed any such thing which may defame MAEF.
6. Last year, 4-5 thousand lectures, seminars etc were arranged on 11 November at different cities and towns in India in the memory of Maulana Azad and these events were covered by all newspapers and appreciated by one and all. In addition to these, an additional one to two thousand requests for such seminars/lectures etc were received but the former minister K. Rahman Khan did not allow. From the attitude of Ali Ahmad and ministry officials, it appears that no programme will be held this year on 11 November in the memory of Maulana Azad.
7. We and many more like us were working in MAEF on contract basis but we have been shown the door after 30 September, though all of us have fully learnt the work and we should have been regularised by now but we have been shown the door instead. It is being said that we have been removed on your order, though we feel that you never could have given such an order. Madam, if we all go to court on this state of affairs, only you and Ali Ahmad will be held responsible and all officials of the ministry will be clearly spared. We have come to know that Ali Ahmad Saheb too is involved in corruption, and undue advantage is being taken by ministry officials.
8. The responsibility of all GIA [grant in aid] proposals received here is given to such a corrupt employee who was not given any job by Ansari Saheb. Today, the same employee has started calling NGOs to his residence and again MAEF is earning a bad name.
9. Mr Ansari, right from the beginning, had not allowed any ministry official to interfere in MAEF work and he did not give importance to ministry officials. This had angered K. Rahman Khan who later levelled false allegations against him. Rahman Khan himself has occupied many Waqf lands in Karnataka. Mr Rahman Khan alongwith some of his men, has grabbed Waqf lands. You must be aware of Amanat Bank scandal, and that Rahman Khan himself is a big scamster and because of him only MAEF did not makw progress. On being misguided by ministry officials, sent Mr Ansari back though he had cleared all his accounts and dues. He also had challenged everybody to prove anything against him.
10. We request you, Madam, to free MAEF of corruption and at the same time Maulana Azad’s photo, logo etc should be put up on the letterhead again. MAEF is a landmark and people associate it with Maulana’s name; hence, it should be preserved. Like last year, seminars/lectures etc should be organised on 11 November. One more request: Some bold and sincere person like Ansari Saheb should be made secretary of MAEF, NMDFC and CWC. NMDFC has already been finished and now MAEF and CWC should be protected against corrupt secretary and officials of the ministry.
MAEF employees
New Delhi
CC: 1. All members of the governing body and general body;
2. All former secretaries of MAEF;  3. All Muslim MPs.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2014 on page no. 1

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