All languages were developed by men. Otherwise why didn’t men create a term ‘heroine-worship’ just like ‘hero worship’? Didn’t they (men) see a former CM of Tamil Nadu’s mind-benumbing popularity? This utterly corrupt woman should have been behind the bars years ago. Her disproportionate wealth (you know, she has a house in Madras, comprising 60 rooms!) is the outcome of her arrant knavery. Yet, people of Tamil Nadu genuflect before Jaya. Many followers of this corrupt lady committed suicide as if life hinges on her. This is really bizarre. South Indians, especially Tamilins, are considered to be level-headed and educated. But seeing this kind of grovelling submission by her followers and ministers, one thinks twice before calling Tamils to be really sane and sensible. Aren’t these blockheads aware of Jaylalita’s extravagant ways? She’s even streets ahead of Imelda Marcos and Mary Antionette in their indifferent opulence. May Jaylalita remain in the hoosegow till she meet her Maker.

Sumit Paul

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2014 on page no. 11

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