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Indian Muslim Mushawarat’s WC deliberates on milli, national and international issues


New Delhi, 18 October, 2014: The Central Working Committee (Majlis-e Amla) of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Musahwarat, the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, met here on Saturday, 18 October, 2014. This was the third meeting of the Working Committee this year. The meeting deliberated on milli, national and international issues. It discussed Mushawarat’s response to the post-election political scenario in the country as well as the preparations for the AIMMM’s golden jubilee later this year.

Left to right: Janab Ejaz Ahmad Aslam, Zafarul-Islam Khan. Janab Masoom Moradabadi, Mufti Ataur Rahman Qasmi

The meeting urged the Central government to declare the Kashmir floods calamity as a “national disaster” and to involve the army and national-level disaster management organisations to rebuild the shattered lives of the Kashmiris “who are left to fend for themselves.”

The meeting expressed concern at the creeping communalistaion and the freedom lumpen elements enjoy to spread hate and violence under the new dispensation at the Centre. It disapproved the open patrongage RSS elements are enjoying under the Modi government and criticised the efforts to saffronise history and textbooks.

The meeting welcomed the statements by the President of India and the Prime Minister that the Indian Muslims are not involved in terrorism and observed that this line of thought should be properly conveyed to the security and intelligence agencies which are busy faking cases and framing Muslim youth although many have been acquitted by courts in recent months.

AIMMM condemned “any attempt by the terrorist Al-Qaeda and ISIS outfits to make inroads into India” and “cautioned the government to thoroughly probe any so-called ‘threat’ before it is widely publicized.” The AIMMM also condemned the terrorist philosophy of these and similar outfits and warned Indian Muslims not be taken in by their bogus propaganda which is far from the merciful message of Islam “which respects others and calls for peaceful coexistence of religions, cultures and civilisations.”

The meeting remembered personalities which departed for their heavely abode since the last meeing. They included Qari Maulana Muhammad Qasim Madrasi, Justice Mufti Bahauddin Farooqi, Maqsood Alam, Chowdhary Muhammad Aslam, Khwaja Qutubuddin Moonis, Zafar Saifullah, Prof. Mahmood Elahi, Abdul Ahad Wakeel, Syed Ali, Ghoolam Eesaji Vahanwati, Sheikh Abul Fazl Muhammad bin Abdur Rahman, Muhammad Fazal, Pakeeza Sultan Begum, Muhammad Ateeq Siddiqui, Justice Syed Shah Nayyar Husain, Molvi Iftikhar Hussain Ansari, Captain Abbas Ali, Zohra Sehgal and Balraj Puri.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of the national President Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan. It was attended by Mufti Ataur Rahman Qasmi and Janab Masoom Moradabadi, general secretaries, Janab Syed Shahabuddin, Janab Nusrat Ali, Janab Ejaz Ahmad Aslam, Prof. Humayun Murad, Shaikh Manzoor Ahmad, Dr. Syed Ahmad Khan, Dr. Anwarul-Islam, Janab Amanullah Khan, Janab Anees Durrani and Janab Abdul Khaliq.

The following is the full text of the resolutions:
J&K FLOODS: large areas of J&K State have been affected by the last month’s floods which claimed about 300 lives and caused damage to about 3.5 lakh private and public properties estimated at around one trillion rupees. AIMMM feels that both the state and Union governments have miserably failed to rescue and rebuild people’s lives. The funds allocated by the PM to rehabilitate J&K were woefully inadequate. AIMMM urges the Central government to declare the Kashmir flood tragedy a “national disaster” and to urgently assess the real damage and involve the army and national-level disaster management organisations to rebuild the shattered lives of the Kashmiris who are left to fend for themselves.
COMMUNALISM: The current dispensation at the Centre, which talks of development, seemingly has opted for a permanent communal polarisation of the population on Hindu-Muslim lines and for this it has given full freedom to its anti-social and lumpen elements to keep the communal fires burning by stoking low-level violence all over the country against Muslim and Christian minorities. This is taking place on a daily basis across the country despite the Prime Minister’s appeal for a ten-year “moratorium” on communal riots during his 15 August speech, which in itself was questionable as we need permanent zero-tolerance towards such violence and not a so-called “moratorium” for a few years. While AIMMM asks the government to show seriousness in discharge of its constitutional duties, it appeals to the minorities to maintain good neighbourly relations with the majority community and to form peace and brotherhood committees at local levels in order to promote interaction which will help blunt the hate propaganda.
RSS: AIMMM registers its disapproval of the open patronage afforded by the Union government to the RSS through appointing RSS people in key positions, allowing the RSS leader to use Doordarshan for live telecast and the welcome accorded to RSS leaders at Raj Bhawans. AIMMM considers this behaviour injurious to the secular fabric of the country.
SAFFRONISATION OF HISTORY AND TEXTBOOKS: The NDA government has unleashed a highly condemnable agenda to saffronise textbooks and to re-write history on saffron lines. AIMMM cautions that such attempts will only damage the secular fabric of the country and delay the formation of a single Indian identify. Engineered strife though dubious projects will cause disaffection and create tensions which will retard the country’s progress.
MAULANA AZAD EDUCATION FOUNDATION, established in 1989 to promote education among Muslims, received a jolt early last May when an upright officer was abruptly removed from the post of Secretary by the outgoing Minister of Minority Affairs. As a result of an arbitrary decision and adhocism, this important institution is now close to death on the lines of the practically-defunct National Minorities Development Finance Corporation. It is high time the new minister took due interest to revive these institutions.
TERRORISM: The new political dispensation at the Centre is quietly reviving the terror scare earlier created by the previous NDA government. Incidents are created, twisted or blown up in order to create panic. Criminal-smuggler incidents, like the one in Burdwan, are meticulously turned into an international terror conspiracy in which Madrasas are also implicated despite sheer dearth of proof. This is going on despite a large number of wholesale acquittals in recent months like Surat blast and Akshardham attack cases, etc, which clearly show how cases are invented and evidences are carefully cooked up to serve a certain end. AIMMM welcomes the statement of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister that the Indian Muslims are not involved in terrorism. Since the ground reality of faking charges and blowing up cases by security and intelligence agencies has not stopped, it is high time this line of thought is properly conveyed to these agencies.
ISIS/AL-QAEDA: While AIMMM condemns any attempt by the terrorist Al-Qaeda and ISIS outfits to make inroads into India, it cautions the government to thoroughly probe any so-called “threat” before it is widely publicized. AIMMM also condemns the terrorist philosophy of these and similar outfits and warns Indian Muslims not be taken in by their bogus propaganda which is far from the merciful message of Islam which respects others and calls for peaceful coexistence of religions, cultures and civilisations.
NCM / NHRC: These organisations, created to promote and protect minority and human rights, are showing acute lethargy. Cases are not accepted or are not pursued properly by these organisations which necessitates a serious re-look at their functioning, staffing, powers and constitutional status.
ELECTORAL REFORMS: The current first-past-the-post system has time and again allowed certain parties to secure more parliamentary seats than the votes actually cast in their favour. The current ruling party secured only 31 percent of votes cast but it enjoys a majority on the basis of the current system. It is time the more just Proportional Representation (PR) system is introduced in the country so that the will of all voters is equitably reflected in legislatures.
JUDICIARY: Our judiciary has been by and large neutral and unbiased but certain incidents of late, like the exoneration of the current BJP chief in a fake encounter case and the subsequent appointment of the Chief Justice, who gave that verdict, as the governor of a state soon after his retirement, throw up serious questions about the neutrality and transparency of our judiciary. Clear rules must be framed to prevent former judges from accepting constitutional and political posts for at least five years after they demit office.

The fourth estate has effectively surrendered its freedom and has become a 24x7 PR agent for the new dispensation at the Centre. It is now not only blindly supporting and lionising the new prime minister, it is also pressing for quick far-reaching dubious “reforms” to benefit corporates at the expense of the poor and common man. This necessities a relook at the freedoms and rights, given to the fourth estate in our democratic system, to weed out the paid-news malaise, prevent corporate takeovers and to restore media’s role as a watch-dog at the service of the people.

AIMMM notes that despite official announcements,  there are signs of dilution of the post-Sachar schemes and the PM’s 15-point programme for the minorities. Backwardness of the Muslim community is now an established fact, hence it is the duty of the Union government not only to continue the previous schemes but to also devise new ones to make development inclusive.

AIMMM is alarmed by the ever-expanding ties between India and Israel not only in security and military fields but also in many other fields especially education. Israel being an occupying aggressor does not deserve tobe the friend of Gandhi’s India. Israeli intervention in education and media will only poison minds and promote communalism. AIMMM calls upon all patriotic forces to thwart Israeli efforts to infiltrate into various parts of the Indian society.

STRIP: The openly aggressive 51-day war imposed on Gaza by Israel and its backers was not only illegal but also criminal in waging war by the occupying power on a defenceless population which is exercising its legal right to free itself from occupation. The Israeli onslaught killed over 2000, injured over 10,000 and destroyed the small enclave’s infrastructure and thousands of homes, hospitals, schools and mosques etc. The reconstruction work is estimated to cost US $ 7 billion. Israel, being the aggressor, must be made to pay reparations to reconstruct Gaza Stip and its leaders  should be taken to the International Court of Justice to be tried for war crimes. It is time justice is done to the Palestinians, occupation is dismantled and refugees are allowed to return to their homes. Al-Aqsa mosque, which is the target of frequent attacks by the Israeli soldiers and Jews, needs special protection by the UN and international community.

AIMMM condemns the US and Western powers’ re-entry into Iraq (and Syria) using the ISIS scare originally created by the same powers to be used against Iran and Iraqi Shias. Instead of direct intervention, local forces and governments should be supported to fight and defeat this scourge.

QARI MAULANA MUHAMMAD QASIM MADRASI, religious scholar and a member of Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow's Majlise Shoora died on 13 September in his home town in Bhopal. He served as Imam of Madras's historical mosque for about three decades. He was a member of AIMMM.
Justice MUFTI BAHAUDDIN FAROOQI, eminent Kashmiri jurist, legal authority and former chief justice of J&K, died on 5 July at the age of 87. He was a former member of AIMMM and had conducted its elections in the past. He fearlessly documented the human rights violations in J&K after the outbreak of the militancy in late 1980s;
MAQSOOD ALAM, chairman of 'Bachchon ka Ghar' (at Darya Ganj), Delhi and former chairman of Haj Committee of Delhi and a a chartered accountant by profession, died on 13 June at the age of 81 years;
J&K Congress legislature party leader and former minister and MP, CHOWDHARY MUHAMMAD ASLAM passed away on 21 June;
KHWAJA QUTUBUDDIN MOONIS, poet and member of Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e Hadees' executive committee and its Majlis-e Shoora died in Delhi i the midnight of 5-6 July at the age of about 80 years;
ZAFAR SAIFULLAH, an IAS officer of Karnataka cadre, who was the first Muslim to be appointed to the top post of cabinet secretary during 1993-94, died in New Delhi on 25 July at the age of 78 years. He was a member of AIMMM;
Prof MAHMOOD ELAHI, famous Urdu writer, critic and poet who served as chairman of UP Urdu Aademy for three terms, died in
Lucknowat the age of 84 years;
ABDUL AHAD WAKEEL, former speaker of J&K legislative assembly and a former minister, died in Srinagar on 10 July;
SYED ALI, 80, a prominent Urdu columnist based in Kolkata, died on 5 August;
GHOOLAM EESAJI VAHANWATI, India’s first Muslim Attorney General, died in Mumbai on 2 September at the age of 65 years;
SHEIKH ABUL FAZL MUHAMMAD bin Abdur Rahman, noted religious scholar of Kerala and former member of Sunni Jamiatul Ulama's Majlis-e Shoora
died in Calicut on 22 August at the age of 84 years;
MUHAMMAD FAZAL, an economist and former secretary to the government of
Indiawho was appointed governor of Maharasthra after his retirement, died in Allahabad on 4 September at the age of 92 years;
PAKEEZA SULTAN BEGUM, daughter of  Princess Qamar Sultan Begum, the great-grand-daughter of the last successor of the throne of Mughal dynasty Mirza Fatahul Mulk Bahadur alias Mirza Fakhru, who was killed
by the British after 1857, died on 20 September;
Urdu journalist MUHAMMAD ATEEQ SIDDIQUI, died on 9 August at Delhi;
Justice SYED SHAH NAYYAR HUSAIN, a former judge of Patna High Court and a member of National Green Tribunal died on 7 October;
MOLVI IFTIKHAR HUSSAIN ANSARI, 72, a veteran J&K politician and Shia scholar, died on 30 September;
Freedom fighter and Indian National Army war veteran, Captain ABBAS ALI, 92, died in Aligarh on 11 October.
We also pray for the souls of ZOHRA SEHGAL, the doyenne of theatre and film industry, died in Delhi on 10 July at the age of 102 years and veteran journalist, author and a prominent human rights activist, BALRAJ PURI, 86, passed away on 30 August.
Issued at New Delhi on 18 October 2014 by
[Umbrella body of the Indian Muslim organisations]
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