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Sir Syed Day Celebrations at AMU

Aligarh: The most important contribution of Sir Syed was to show the right path to the community and to guide it. The candle of education which was lit by Sir Syed in the 19th century has hardly any parallel in the world, said Dr Shakeel Samdani of the Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, while presiding over the Sir Syed Day celebrations here on 20 October. It was organised by the Alumni Association of ABK High School, AMU. He said that by writing “Causes of Indian Revolt,” Sir Syed tried his best to remove the suspicions held by the British against the Muslims in the wake of the 1857 Revolt. To a large extent he was successful in his efforts. By writing such a book, he exposed his life to danger as it was like signing his death warrant. Sir Syed did it and that's why his name is inscribed in golden words in the history of India.

While expressing his views on the educational philosophy of Sir Syed, Dr.  Samdani said that Sir Syed was opposed to confining education in Aligarh and he wished that the graduates of his college will ignite the candle of education in every corner of the country by establishing modern educational institutions. AMU has started this work a few years back.

He told students in a jam-packed Kennedy Auditorium that there is no substitute to hard work. The best tribute to Sir Syed on his birth anniversary is to devote time and energy for acquiring knowledge and offering a sincere and committed leadership to the nation. He said if parents want a bright future for their children they too will have to sacrifice. Dr. Samdani appealed to the parents to contain the expenditure of their families in order to offer best education to their children. He said the key to success is that in every walk of life we should be sincere, disciplined, honest and best.

Abbas Niyazi, Principle of A.B.K. High School said that once upon a time the Muslim University was known for its sweet language and refined culture. We should not only preserve it but also try to retrieve what has been lost. On this occasion, winners of a quiz competition were given cash prizes, mementos and certificates. (Tanveer Ahmad)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2014 on page no. 13

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