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In solidarity for Palestine, Asian activists announce caravan to Gaza

17 Asian countries will join the caravan from India and traverse through 6 Asian countries before it sails to break the siege of Gaza in December 2010

If you are from India and want to join the Caravan email asiatogaza.india[#] or  call  +91-9911599955

In a press conference in New Delhi on 5 October 2010 Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine (APSP) announced the launching of Asia to Gaza Solidarity Caravan.

Around 500 civilian activists from 17 Asian countries will launch a sea journey towards Gaza to break the Israeli blockade of the region. The month long ''caravan'' that will be flagged off from New Delhi on December 2.

The Asia to Gaza Caravan will go through cities in Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey before taking the sea route to Gaza. The caravan will carry relief material for the besieged people of Gaza. It will spend 2 to 3 days in each of the 18 cities, meeting political activists, attending press conferences, doing road shows and other meetings. The Asian convoy will be joined by delegations and vehicles in each of the countries through which it passes.

The press statement read “APSP commits to build the solidarity of Asian people for the freedom of Palestine, provide materials, resources, and volunteers to support the struggle of the people of Palestine and oppose our own governments’ decisions and actions that give economic, financial, military and diplomatic support to Israel and allow it to behave with impunity.”

Further it said that the Gaza Caravan is endorsed by the 51 Organisations and 57 Individuals. Feroze Mithiborwala said: "Our short term objective is to break the siege of Gaza....Friends of the alliance are putting together money to buy a ship. We will set sail from a Mediterranean port but for security reasons I cannot reveal the port name, else Israel will fall on it like a load of bricks.”

“Palestine is emerging as a central geo-political issue and we resist the ethnic cleansing of Palestine...In view of Israel's ongoing collective punishment of Palestinians through illegal occupation and siege of Gaza, we started this movement,” secretary of New Trade Union Initiative Gautam Mody told reporters.

The alliance told the reporters that money was not a problem as he per head cost will be about Rs 40,000 per head and the organisations associated with the caravan will bear the costs.


01 Dec             Participants from East and South East Asia reach New Delhi, India
2-3 Dec           Flag off from New Delhi & travel to Wagah border, Indo-Pak Border
04 Dec            Reach Lahore, Pakistan
5-7 Dec           Lahore to Karachi/Quetta, Pakistan
08 Dec            Karachi/Quetta, Pakistan to Zahedan, Iran
9-14 Dec         Zahedan, Iran to Tabriz, Iran
15-17 Dec       Tabriz, Iran to Eskandarun, Turkey
18-19 Dec       Eskandarun, Turkey to Damascus, Syria
20-21 Dec       Damascus, Syria to Amman Jordan
22-23 Dec       Amman, Jordan to Beirut Lebanon
24-26 Dec       Beirut back to Turkey
26 Dec            Sail for Gaza (Palestine)


Maulana Abdul Wahab Khilji, member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board said, "People of India stand for the liberation of Palestine, though India's policy towards Palestine has change." The caravan will leave its last port on December 26 for Gaza. Feroze Mithiborwala said that specially around the new year Israel usually doesn't hesitate to bomb. He said a few Japanese on the Caravan might save the ship being bombed, but the activists are ready to spend their new year in Israeli jails.

Shahnawaz Ali Raihan of (Students Islamic Organisation of India) and Sandeep Pandey expressed their solidarity with the cause of behalf of the student community.

A week-long film festival screening Palestinian films and documentaries is being planned across several cities of India in the last week of October (tentatively 23-30 October).

The alliance said it was disappointed that the last decade has marked a shift in India’s approach to the Palestinian issue as it moves closer to Israel. Though India's official position still supports the Palestinians' cause, the alliance claimed the India's policies were favouring the Israelis with their “strategic partnership” specially in defence and security deals. After the Mumbai 26/11 Terror attack, The Taj Hotel sent their security personnel for training to Israel.

“We, the general public need to stand together and extend our support to Palestine," Muslim Political Council leader Dr Tasleem A Rehmani said.

According to the press statement simultaneous press conferences had been held in 5 countries – India, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia and Lebanon – to announce the launch of the Asia to Gaza Caravan. And that similar press conferences will be held next week in Syria, Palestine, Malaysia, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Further the press statement said that APSP extends solidarity to the courageous people of Palestine in their struggle, resistance, and intifada against the Zionist Israeli occupation and affirms its commitment to Palestinian Self-Determination; Ending the Occupation; Equal Rights for All within historic Palestine; the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees; and the Establishment of a Sovereign, Independent and Democratic state of Palestine with Jerusalem as the capital.

The civil resisters have resolved to resist the Israeli sea siege in a peaceful manner and following the example of civil resisters such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela as well as the long tradition of peaceful resistance from all ethical and religious traditions. 

APSP is an alliance of peoples’ organisations, social movements, trade unions, and civil society institutions of Asia. They have come together to struggle for peace, freedom and human dignity against occupation, imperialism, apartheid, Zionism and all forms of discrimination including religious discrimination.         

According the press release the Gaza Caravan is endorsed by the following 51 Organisations and 57 individuals:

All India Students Association
Aman Bharat
Asha Parivar
Awami Bharat
Ayodhya Ki Awaaj
Bahujan Sewak Sangh
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
Bharat Bachao Andolan
Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha
Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur)
Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha (Mazdoor Karyakarta Committee)
CPI-ML (New Democracy)
Forum against Oppression of Women
Free Gaza - India
Global Gandhi Forum
Hard News
Indian Isladhi Movement
India Palestine People’s Solidarity Forum
Indian Fed of Trade Unions
Intercultural Resources
Le Monde Diplomatique
Mahatma Phule-Dr Ambedkar Vichar Manch
Mazdoor Ekta Manch
Muslim Intellectual Forum
Muslim Political Council of India
National Association of Peoples Movements
National Forum of Forest People and Forest Workers
New Socialist Initiative
New Trade Union Initiative
Palestine Solidarity Movement
People’s Union for Civil Liberties
Phule-Ambedkar Vichar Manch
Programme against Custodial Torture and Impunity
Progressive Students Union
Republican Panther
Saheli Women’s Resource Centre
Sarva Seva Sangh
Solidarity Youth Movement
South Asia Peace Alliance
South Asian Network of Gender Activists and Trainers
Students Islamic Organisation of India
Trade Union Centre of India
Teesra Swadheenta Andolan
Vidyarthi Bharti
Yuva Koshish
All India Majlis-i-Mushawarrat
Achin Vanaik
Agdish Nagarkar
Ambarish Rai
Amol Madame
Amit Sengupta
Anand Grover
Anand Patwardhan
Anand Swaroop Verma
Anil Chaudhary
Arif Kapadia
Ashish Kothari
Asif Khan
Aslam Ghazi
Bajrang Sonawane
Brig. Sudhir Sawant
Chetna Birje
Dr Sunilam
Ghazala Azad
Gopal Rai
Ihtishaam Ansari
Jai Sen
Javed Naqvi
Kabir Arora
Kalyani Menon-Sen, New Delhi
Khalid Riaz
Medha Patkar
Mehmood Madni
Mukta Srivastava
Mukul Sinha
Mulniwasi Mala
Munawwar Azad
Munawwar Khan
Pandit Jugal Kishore Shastri 
Qurratulain Sundus
Reshma  Jagtap
Ritu Menon
Rohini Hensman
Salman Usmani
Sandeep Pandey
Sanjay Shinde
Sayeed Khan
Sayeeda Hameed
Shabnam Hashmi
Shahid Siddiqui
Sheikh Muhammad Hussain
Shyam Sonar
Sudhir Dhawale
Sumi Saikia
Syed Iftikhar Ahed
Thomas Matthew
Tusha Mittal
Varsha V V
Vasanthi Raman
Vilas Gaikwad
Winnie Thomas
Yawar Ali Qazi
For more details contact:
India Lifeline to Gaza
c/o ICR
33-D, 3rd Floor
Vijay Mandal Enclave
New Delhi, 110016
Phone: 09711178868; 09911599955; 09820897517

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