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Imam Askari Centenary celebrations

New Delhi: Maulana Syed Zeeshan Hidayati, former president of Majlise Fikr-o Amal, who returned to India after performing Umrah and 14 days stay in Makkah and Madina, where he inaugurated Fikr-o Agahi week, announced that the Hijri year 1432 will be the year of Askari Centenary celebrations, because on 10 Rabius Sani, 1200 years of his birth are completed.  For these Centenary celebrations prominent Shia personalities were selected, among them are: Syed Zul Qadar Razwi from London as patron, Syed Zishan Hidayati from Delhi as president, Nabi Raza (US) vice president, Syed Jabir Jorasy (Lucknow) as secretary, Sarfraz Zaidi (Aligarh) as treasurer.

On this occasion it was also decided that Fikro Agahi week be celebrated in Makkah and Madina every year from 18 Zul Hijjah to 24 Zul Hijjah regularly. It was also decided that a committee should be set up to have a dialogue with the Saudi government that Fikr-o Agahi week should be allowed to be held regularly. 

It was also decided that the activities of Firkr-o Agahi should be based on four essential elements, namely, mobilization, education, research and compilation and publication. It was also decided that a demand should be made to the Saudi government to stop anti-Shia activities, and that if Saudi government does not pay any heed, then great personalities of Ummah should be contacted and in case they also ignore this call general mobilization should be initiated for this.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 April 2011 on page no. 20

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