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Kaali Siwaiyan (Dark vermicelli) Recipe

For 250 grams baareek siwaiyan (Banarasi extra fine vermicelli) and toast it an aluminium tray it in oven at 150°C for around 1 hour. Mix frequently in between. Do this till its evenly slightly dark brown.

Make bhaghaar of 2 inch piece of darchini, 2 laung, 3 choti elaichi and 2 tbsp ghee. Add 700 grams sugar, or to taste. Add enough water  to cover the sugar and make a thick syrup on low heat.

In separate pateli add 2 tbsp ghee and add the hot siwayn and mix well till the siwayn is coated in ghee. Add enough water to cover. Then drain the water which will lighten the colour of the vermicelli.

Add more water and stir and squeeze dry handfuls of siwayn between your palms and add to boiling sugar syrup which will make the siwaiyn dark brown.

When all the siwaiyn has been added, turn the flame to low and cook till done. Add a capful of kewra and stir. Cover and let cool.

Garnish with almond and pistachio flakes

Serve with fresh cream and milk.

Aaliya Khan


This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2014 on page no. 22

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