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AMU Sunni Theological Society celebrates Salsabeel


Aligarh: The Sunni theological society of the department of Sunni theology, AMU, organised “Salsabeel 2011” prize distribution ceremony on 2 March in the backdrop of previously arranged essay writing and speech competition. 

Sadat Suhail, Vice president of the society, pointed out the importance of theology in modern life and informed the audience that the Department of Sunni Theology has been organizing such events since 1959. Addressing the gathering, the Chief Guest, Nawab Ibne Saeed Ahmed Khan of Chhattari, said that the Holy Quran is a great blessing of Allah. He proposed that the department should make special arrangements for Hifz.

Kafeel Ahmed, manager Dawakhana Tibbiya College, said that the students of theology should distinguish themselves from other students. He said that the character and attitude of the students should be based on the dreams of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who had laid great emphasis on tradition as well as modernity. The students of theology and religious disciplines should move forward in the light of science and technology, he added.

Highlighting the history of the department, Prof. Ali Mohammad Naqvi, Dean Faculty of Theology, said, “Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had missions. Firstly, to enhance Islamic understanding among the youth in the light of the emerging fields of science and technology and secondly, to build morality among us. Ignorance of religion in the real sense is an important reason why the whole community is not sharing the fruits of development.

Director of religious affairs of AMU, Dr. Mufti Zahid Ali Khan congratulated the students for holding this programme. Chairman of the Department and president of the society, Dr. Abdul Khaliq emphasised on religious education alongwith contemporary scientific education. He demanded the inclusion of theology as a compulsory subject in the faculties of medicine, law and engineering so that the dream of the founder of this University could be realised.

Acting Vice Chancellor of AMU, Prof. Syed Abrar Hasan emphasized that the department of theology is of central significance in the life of human beings. He stressed that this department can play an important role in reforming the character of the students on the campus. The first prize for essay writing competition was given to Shamsuzzoha, the second and third prizes were given to Tasneem Kausar and S. Daud Rizvi respectively. For speech competition, the first prize was conferred on Mr. Muneer GVK, the second and third prizes went to Murad Hussain and Abdul Hameed respectively.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 April 2011 on page no. 21

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