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Starting a Legal Career: Tips and Secrets

There are a lot of different opinions about lawyers existing in different countries, and one of them is that law specialists are those who look for the ‘loopholes’ in the legal system, and this one is as well popular in India. But well, everyone admits that to do that one should know laws pretty well. For a long time law was a sort of family profession – it often happened that some families had generations of law professionals, but hopefully, today one don’t have to obtain a legal family history to enter the field.

Starting a Legal Career: Tips and Secrets
Skills Needed

If you doubt whether this career is good choice for you, you should know that it requires tons of patience and logical skills, long years of hard work and dedication to become a legal professional. Having good communication skills and ability for critical thinking is kind of crucial for lawyers. Plus, it would be a bit easier to become a good specialist if you have training under Senior Counsel.

Financial Issues

The cost of education basically depends on the course you choose – the three-year LLB course usually ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000; the five-year BA LLB costs a little more – about Rs 300,000 for five years (hostel expenses are not counted in here). Unfortunately, there are not a lot of institutions that offer financial help to the students, so for getting scholarship you will have to talk to authorities or find out about the specific policies on scholarships from the respected universities out there. If you don’t find any, you may consider getting a loan for education as well.

Job Prospects

To be aware of the plethora of vacancies available for law graduates, you can just look through the list of legal jobs on website. One can choose to work as an advocate in court, or opt for a private legal firm. After passing exams conducted by Public Service Commissions, law graduates may become judges, and with enough experience there is an opportunity of becoming a Public Prosecutor or Solicitor General. Legal advisors are needed in lots of different companies in Delhi, Bangalore and all over India. If you are more into teaching, you can become a professor in law colleges and universities, or become a reporter for newspapers that are oriented on the legal issues.


It should be mentioned that in general law is a well-paid career path, but here everything depends on the qualification level of candidate and his/her success. thus, working with Legal Process Outsourcing, one can count on salary between Rs 20,000 and Rs 50,000. Needless to say that the college you graduate from is an important part of your pay packet defining.

International Focus

System of legal education in India is quite similar to those in Britain, and there are a lot of British institutions offering legal education to Indian students, as well as some nice salary packages later in their work. Recently, more and more Indian students have been completing the courses in Harvard Law School, Yale University and even Australia National University, and receiving attractive job offers. That means, your job search may be much broader that you think. Good specialists with lots of experience are appreciated everywhere around the world.

Positives and Negatives

Just like in any other profession like doctor or accountant, there is a huge need in experience needed to staying a good lawyer and being valuable for the clients. Therefore, time and hard work are the best tools for a lawyer to become more effective, and being patient is the key to success, especially at the beginning of the career. However, there is no limit to money and power for lawyers, as well as personal satisfaction from understanding that you help people battle for justice and fairness in their life.  [Impact Feature]

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