Four Muslim boys from Kalyan, near Mumbai, are accused of having joined ISIS. One of them has now returned. Though media has no independent access to him, a lot is being leaked by security agencies in his name. The picture is not clear as the families of these youth had been saying that they had gone to Iraq as contract workers just as around 40,000 Indians are doing at present in Iraq and some of them must be inside the areas now controlled by ISIS like the nurses who were repatriated while some of them insisted that they will go back to continue their employment contracts. If it is proved that these boys had indeed joined ISIS voluntarily, they must be punished according to our laws. But I have a fear, borne out of watching and studying the phenomenon of “Muslim terror” in India over the last two decades, that the intelligence and security agencies routinely cook up stories and implicate innocents in fake terror cases. After the advent of Modi government, these agencies are working hard to whip up the terror issue and I believe that they are slowly moving to revive the Advani era frenzied campaign against the Muslim community in the name of fighting terror when thousands of innocents were thrown behind bars on trumped up charges and now we see these victims being acquitted one after the other by courts after spending long years behind bars. I fear that the ISIS issue will be used in this dubious campaign against Muslim youth combined with cases like Burdwan blast which is being dubbed as a great terrorist conspiracy but two Hindus involved in Burdwan (Shobhan Mondal and Anirban Ghosh) are not being probed. It is incumbent upon Muslim youth to beware of real and fake advocates of ISIS in India. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2014 on page no. 1

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