Diverting Minds

In India, where Congress ruled for nearly six decades, thereby monopolising Indian politics, BJP seemed to be the only hope to the exploited masses. Undoubtedly, during these decades India could not reach where it should have. India still has around 30 percent of its population below poverty line. Whatever development has taken place, it has been lopsided and vertical. The gap between haves and have-nots is wide as ever. It is disheartening that India still has not escaped the clutches of poverty, hunger, corruption, unemployment and other evils.

On the political front too, there has been a mishandling of internal disputes because of which we have to use the military to control the situation in Northeast and Jammu and Kashmir. When the world is talking about global peace India cannot maintain internal peace. There has been ever-increasing incidence of communal violence, casteist violence, gender violence and politically-motivated violence. When the world is using fifth-generation computers and sophisticated technology India is still fighting over mosque and temple.

Although the mosque-temple issue and much of communal conflict is created by BJP for electoral gains, many voted for it in the hope of some promised change. The first six months of any government are an index to its next five years. After completing six months at the Centre, BJP could not perform as it was expected. It could not fulfil even a fraction of its promises which were made during the election campaigns. Be it inflation, bringing back black money within a hundred days, border security or any other issue, BJP could make no change. Indeed, after its coming to power there has been more turmoil within the country and on the borders. The principle of minimum government and maximum governance too eventually failed. The development agenda seems an illusion now.

After bailing to meet the expectations of the people of “better days ahead”’ BJP has now started diverting minds of the people of India. Having failed to deliver, the party is now concentrating on non-issues like “Love Jihad” and celebration of birthday of Raja Mahendra Pratap on the campus of Aligarh Muslim University.

An alumnus of AMU, Raja Mahendra Pratap brought glory to his alma mater. The AMU plans to hold a seminar to mark his birth anniversary. It has also placed his picture alongside the university’s stalwarts pictures. For a while, BJP can concentrate on other, more constructive programmes.

Mujahid Mughal
Research Scholar, Department of Geography
AMU, Aligarh

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2014 on page no. 2

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