Welfare Party of India launched

New Delhi (18 April 2011): A group of over hundred concerned citizens from across the country have come together and formed a new Political Party named the “Welfare Party” today in political convention held at Mavalankar Hall, in the capital.

The following statement was released in the party's launching programme:
The Welfare party will be backed by reputed social and civil society movements and will  strive for thriving an alternative politics and shall attempt to emerge on the horizon of Indian politics as the voice of voiceless, the hope for justice and as a harbinger of a new India.

The hundred founders of the party belong to varied backgrounds, communities, classes and social groups and they will soon launch mass-contact campaigns to enroll people of outstanding moral repute and flawless character. Only those individuals will be allowed an entry into the party who can prove by word and deed, their commitment to the values and vision of the party.

This will not be just another party engaged in power politics. This will be rather a movement for reforming the Indian Politics and will try to realise a welfare state based on moral values and governed by the principles of Justice, Freedom, Equality and Fraternity.

It is not for short term political gains; it has rather embarked on a long term mission to evolve an alternative political culture in the country.

To achieve this objective, the Party will launch massive public campaigns and will awaken the socio-political public consciousness. It will try to inculcate in common man the self esteem, the self confidence and the ambition and courage to fight the oppression and exploitation. It will try to promote able and virtuous leadership among masses and shall try to advance alternative politics in the country through this social struggle.

The criminalisation of Politics, the Communalisation of Politics, the Commercialisation of Politics and the Sectarianisation of Politics are the biggest evils of our prevailing political culture. These evils have created such a rot in Indian body-politic that the people are disgusted with the whole class of politicians. This is a very dangerous situation and if unchecked, poses a serious threat to democracy.

It is the high time a new freedom fight is launched and a mighty social and public resistance is raised against these evils.  This only will cleanse the Indian polity and revive the faith and trust of people in the democratic institutions.

Vision and Values of the Party

Party shall try to promote an alternative politics in the country that is firmly rooted in high standards of morality and ethical values and that is free from crimes, corruption, selfishness and all kinds of narrow-minded prejudices

Party will aim at the establishment of a welfare state. Party believes that sufficient nutritious food, decent clothing, proper shelter, essential  health  care and elementary education are among the fundamental human rights and it is the duty of a welfare state to fulfill these basic needs of each of its citizens.

Party envisages speedy growth in industry, trade, commerce and the national economy. But it shall try to reform the economy in a way as to ensure that the processes of development and wealth creation are properly regulated by the obligations of justice and equality.

Party shall promote the true spirit of democracy. Party believes in democracy not in the sense of mere majorityism but in the sense of inclusiveness and pluralism. A true democratic society is one that addresses the needs and demands of every section of the society and that ensures that every section contentedly fulfills its aspirations.

Party envisages a society where all cultures have full opportunities to thrive and develop. The concept of federalism that party believes covers the cultural federalism along with geographic and linguistic federalism.

The convention was addressed by the party leaders including its president Mujtaba Farooque, Ilyas Azmi, Dr. Zafarul -Islam Khan, Mrs. Lalitha Naik, Maulana Abdul Wahab Khilji, Dr. Rama Panchal, Fr. Abraham Joseph , Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas and others.

Office Bearers of Welfare Party of India

President Mr. Mujtaba Farooque

Vice Presidents Mr Ilyas Azmi,  Fr. Abraham Joseph, Maulana A W Khilji, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Mrs. Lalitha Naik

General Secretaries: Dr S Q R Ilyas, Prof Sohail Ahmed Khan, Prof. Rama Panchal, Mrs. Khalida Parveen, Mr. P. C. Hamza

Treasurer: Mr. Abdus Salam M

Secretaries: Prof. Rama Surya Rao, Akhtar Husain Akhtar, Adv. Aamir Rasheed, Mr. Subramani

For more information, contact: party.welfare[@]

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