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Looking for a scholarship, educational loan dear student? Stay alert.

New Delhi/Bangalore (30 December 2014): CIGMA NGO Network (CNN) has brought to the notice of The Milli Gazette that fraudulent NGO/Trusts/Forums have been advertising that offers for scholarships and educational loans to students.

Ameen-e-Mudassar of Bangalore-based CIGMA, Career Information & Guidance Movement, says he got to know that some NGOs are charging an application fees for accepting applications for scholarships. The idea of pay a fee to get scholarship was beyond reason and hence he ignored it thinking no sensible person will pay any fees to get a scholarship. But when his neighbour brought 4 forms by paying Rs 800 in cash, he got alarmed.

Seemingly, the modus operandi of these "cheaters" is to sell application forms at a price to thousands of unsuspecting victims and then give a part of the amount collected as scholarships. This will help them to prove they are not "frauds".

The Milli Gazette contacted on the telephone numbers in the advertisement and those mentioned on their website. Most of them were not working. This NGO which has the word "Muslim" in its names, but TrueCaller suggested the names Amulya and Sharath for these numbers.

One telephone number on which we were able to get through, we were greeted directly with Assalamu Alaikum, we ask the lady about the procedure to get the scholarship. They said, 2 passport sized photographs, copies of last examination passed, an Income Certificate and a Demand Draft of Rs 200. We asked why this Rs 200, she said it's an application fees. We asked but why, so she gave the phone to some male colleague who said it is processing fees. We said the students are already in need for money, so why charge them? He said, if we wont charge we will get lakhs of applicants. So but this fees, they reduce the number of applicants.

We told them if someone does not have an income certificate, they said, its just an affidavit and they will get it made for the student at just Rs 100. What service!

Then we asked for their chairman’s contact number, on calling we got the message that our call is being diverted to another number and no one pick up the call. According to TrueCaller, the number was of some “Suhail Sheriff”.

Similar frauds have been reported by victims to The Milli Gazette about Interest Free loans. Gullible people pay processing fees to unknown companies, NGOs, trusts to get loan.

CIGMA is taking up this case with the Registrar of Charities (Bangalore), the Income Tax Commissioner (As they grant 12A certificate to Trusts) and Economic Offences Wing (Bangalore).

We alert our readers not to fall prey to these vultures. And not to pay any fees to apply for loans and scholarships. And to never pay in cash and to never deposit any about in bank account numbers they send you.

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