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APCR Assam unit visits relief Camp of Mazbat, Bodo Gaon

Mazbat, Assam (2 January 2014): A delegation of ASSOCIATION FOR PROTECTION OF CIVIL RIGHTS (APCR) under Md. Asif Hussain (State-Coordinator, APCR), Mahiuddin Babhuyan & HUMAN RIGHTS ACTION COUNCIL ASOM (HRACA) - Parashmoni Sinha (Director HRACA), Bhupen Borah, Mr. Sahu, Amit Das visited Relief Camp of Mazbat Areas and Bodo Gaon- Adarsha Gaon, Mazbat.

The delegations found a Police Outpost is in urgent need in the affected areas. Adequate food, medicine and warm baby cloth with warm blanket is needed.

The very urgent is to send back the victims to their own land and facilitate them with adequate household commodities and materials. And Security Camp. It is need of the hour to make peaceful dialogue among the communities and form a Peace Co-ordination Committee. The Security Camp have to be erected at border outpost of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh.

A Forum namely "Aapun Manuh" had formed by APCR & HRACA on 29/12/2014 for Love, Care and Universal Brotherhood. A relief work had done under the banner of "Aapun Manuh" at various relief camp in Mazbat Area.

The delegation also meet MP Hira Soronia and the Leaders of AASAA and AKRASU on 01/01/2015 at Mazbat and discussed about its Problems and Solution. All have unitedly agreed to have a parmanent solution, so that all can live in peace and work for the betterment and development of all Community irrespective of Caste, Creed, Language & Religion, Greater Area of Assam and India.

Md. Asif Hussain

State Co-Ordinator APCR Assam Chapter

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