Muslims being targeted: Adv.

Delhi High Court lawyer, MS Khan, said that earlier Muslims were arrested on the allegations of having association with Lashkar-e Toiba and ISIS, but after coming of ISIS, the excuses of arrests have also been changed. Now educated Muslim youth are being targeted. Mehdi Masroor, a Bangalore-based engineer, has been arrested under this new excuse. Khan said that before this incidence, Areeb Majeed, from Mumbai, was arrested. If Mehdi Masroor handled an ISIS Twitter account, why the police had been silent for a long time, the lawyer asked. Now can police tell us how many people he had sent to join ISIS? Khan said that there was information of only four people joining ISIS and those were from Mumbai. Police are now targeting educated Muslim youth. Masroor has been implicated by hacking his account. Having fought the cases of around 350 Muslim youth who were arrested in the alleged cases of terrorism, Khan said that he knew how police framed charges against innocent people and when they did not have evidence against them, the accused were acquitted. But after spending years behind bars, when these youth come out, their lives are ruined and even the government does not care for them, said SM Khan.

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This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2015 on page no. 3

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