Lucknow shows solidarity with Bahrain & Libya


The echo of Middle East has reverberated through India and equally spilled over the streets of Lucknow where, on April 3, a procession of more than 25,000 people marched from Maqbara Saadat Ali Khan to Imambara Shahnajaf, covering in-between a distance of about 2 kms, and calling for an end of siege in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen. The call was given by Kalbe Jawad, the Imam-e-Juma of the historic Asifi Masjid. People from all walks of life, gender and age as well as women in their burqas along with children were part of the popular protest.

“The tumble in the Middle East had started by self-immolation (un-Islamic act) of an IT trained vegetable vendor, in Tunisia, and which saw the end of a tinpot dictator President Zein-al-Abdeen’s rule of 23 years. Nothing can be more of a simile than of the Iranian revolution of 1979 when the Shah of Iran had to make a similar flight. The Arab masses have been through the worst raw deal by their kings, sheiks, emirs, sultans and other potentates, who perennially duped them of their resources, and thus filled the never satiating kitties of the West and US.

Maulana Abul Irfan Firangimahli took the whole Saudi state to task as he called the annual Hajj pilgrimage to have become a tourist industry for the Saudi establishment. He called Saudi government to initiate wide welfare programmes, for the Muslims at large. The next speaker was Maulana Shah Fazlur Rehman Waizi, the Imam of the historic Tile Wali Masjid. He referred to the unity between the Shiites and Sunnites in Lucknow. “There is no sectarianism amongst the Muslims of Lucknow when it comes to tow down the Bahraini establishment which has been overtly supported by the Saudi troops, as the Saudis have been able to realise that next is their chance to be trounced. In Libya it was the right of Libyans to bring down Colonel Qadaffi and not the disproportionate bombing of the NATO forces which are handpicked by US at will, to fulfill its imperialistic agenda alongside with its strong ally-Israel. Libya is an anathema to Israel so US wants to dismantle it to the advantage of Israel for all purposes,” he said.

Kalbe Jawad called for Muslims not to be cowed down by the enemy’s capability, but to believe in their own strength, and accordingly pounce on the enemy with their full might and leave the battle for Allah’s help. Kalbe Jawad signaled that the present dark night of Middle East would soon be over by a false dawn of democracy and democracy can be as bad and even be worse than dictatorship. “Yesterday there were American-sponsored dictators and tomorrow there would be an American-tutored democracy. Both ways it is advantage Pax Americana. We in India are a democracy and how well it has been through is all well known. Have we ever heard of a politician or a bureaucrat convicted of corruption, and even if yes, then not granted bail on the next date!”

He called Muslims to be aware, of the overall nefarious designs, and be there own-selves to follow the line of Prophet who was the spiritual and temporal head at the same time.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2011 on page no. 6

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