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Your Resume is Boring – How to Increase Your Career Opportunities

Importance of resume in a job search is asserted by every career expert. Most of the career experts agree to the fact that customization of the resume is necessary for every job applied by the candidate. Your resume can be improved easily, if you read your resume from the employer’s perspective. The resume should contain what the employer wants to know about you, not what you have to tell them. Most of the hiring managers would like to glance through the work history and your job accomplishments. If the hiring manager finds your resume as interesting, then you will land up in an interview. Never provide vast information to the employer as it may reduce the chances of getting a job. Increase your career opportunities by making your resume attractive while searching for jobs in Rajkot. Some tips to improve your resume while searching for jobs in Rajkot are:

1.    Make your resume concise and up-to-date

During your job search in Rajkot, you have to polish your resume to make it lucrative to the prospective employers. Always make your resume up-to-date and customize it based on the job you’re applying. Format your resume in a way that it can be read easily by the employer. Use only one type of font throughout the resume and provide margins for the resume. To make your resume appealing, you can use white spaces between headings and paragraphs. Employment or personal history is not necessary to be included in the resume. Prepare different resumes for different kinds of job. Your resume should highlight your relevant educational qualifications, experience and training completed.

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2.    List the important information in the beginning of the resume

Most hiring managers do not have enough time to go through every resume in detail. Hence, it is very crucial to rearrange or add only the most important information to the resume. Use a headline to brand yourself just below the name and contact details, so that the employers can clearly understand your qualifications relevant to the job. You can include a summary of your educational qualifications, professional experience and relevant skills to show that you are perfect fit for the job applied for. This makes it easy for the hiring managers to obtain specific information by just glancing through your resume.

3.    List out the job accomplishments

Never tell what you have done in each job role. It is better to highlight your accomplishments in each job. As most hiring managers know about the role of an employee in each job, you can concentrate on listing your accomplishments or the impact of your work in each job role. Recent jobs should contain more accomplishments in bullet points than older career achievements.

4.    Include job related keywords

The resume should contain relevant keywords and phrases that help your resume to stand out from the crowd. Keywords should be related to the job, skill, job title, industry jargons, certifications, and experience. Throughout the resume, you should incorporate the keywords as it helps to catch the attention of the potential employer easily. When an employer or hiring manager search for candidates in the database of jobsites like, they will enter the job titles or keywords for skills or experience to find suitable candidates. Hence, incorporating keywords in your resume is very important to enable your resume to come up in the search of companies. Jobtonic is a site that filters job opportunities from various job portals, so that the candidate can enter the related job keyword and location to find suitable jobs.

5.    Correct the mistakes

The resume should not contain any typos, spelling mistakes and grammar problems. Most of the hiring managers cannot tolerate such mistakes in the resume. After creating a resume, you have to proof read it and correct the mistakes. You should be very careful to write the names of the software and companies as it can damage the credibility as a candidate.

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