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Indian Muslims in US Hope AAP Will Restore Secular and Equitable Polity

Washington DC (February 10, 2014): The huge win of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the Delhi election is a strong message to Indian politicians and parties that India is a composite, secular and equitable nation.  And that despite recent assaults on this core national ethos by opportunistic politicians in recent years, the Indian nation strongly wishes its polity and ethos to be secular in character and equitable towards all.  

Indeed the AAP win in Delhi is a gamechanger and the voice of the entire Indian mainstream to turn the nation's polity away from the use of religion, caste, ethnicity and money-politics in the political process.  It reaffirms again that India is a very diverse multi-religious, multi-ethnic nation that celebrates its composite cultural and political identity, and that wishes to help the deprived segments of society climb out of deprivation and be on a level playing field with others.

We, the Indian Muslims who live in United States of America are hopeful that as AAP forms government in Delhi it will live up to the expectation of fairness that religious and ethnic minorities have from AAP and will be proactive in removing injustices, corruption and high-handedness from governance.  The religious minorities including Muslim Indians only ask for fair treatment and help to uplift themselves, not any special priveleges. Delhi's Muslim voters have enthusiastically supported AAP in this election and now look forward to AAP government being successful in fulfilling its pledges to the common people, the Aam Aadmi.  

Kaleem Kawaja
Executive Director
Association of Indian Muslims of America
Washington DC

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