Rahmania Inter College recognised as Muslim minority institution

Modha (Hamirpur): Rahmania Inter College of Modha, Hamirpur district (UP) has at long last, after 35 years of legal battle, been recognised as a Muslim minority educational institution but the bureaucratic class of the state is even now trying to create difficulties for appointments.

According to Shafi’ Ahmad Khan, advocate who has been struggling for the past about 35 years to get it recognised by the government as a minority educational institution, this institution was founded in 1938 by Maulana Muhammad Saleem Jaffery and Muslims of Modha and all other neighbouring places had given all sorts of cooperation in its creation and from that time till date it has always been under the management and control of Muslims; but in 1980 when some people objected to its minority character, the Inspector of Schools at that time refused to accept it as a minority institution and with help of government its managing committee was abolished.

He said that though it is clearly written in Art 30 of the Constitution that religious and linguistic minorities in the country have full right to set up and run their own minority educational institutions in accordance with their wishes and 9 judges bench of Supreme Court in their verdict have stated that minorities have full right to open and run their own minority institutions and that government should fully protect them but rulers of UP are doing just the opposite and because of this only it took this College 35 years to get it recognised as a minority institution and for which a petition for contempt of court had to be filed in Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court in 2010. The Court in its verdict of 22 April 2010 clearly said that Rahmania Inter College, Modha is certainly a Muslim minority institution.

As a result of this verdict, UP government in an affidavit dated 15 December 2010 filed in the court said that this institution has been recognised as a Muslim minority institution. At the same time the Commission for Minorities Educational Institutions, Delhi while recognising it as a Muslim minority institution issued a certificate also to this effect but even then UP government officials are dilly-dallying in giving their approval for the appointment of its teachers. In any case it is hoped that in this case also success will definitely be achieved.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2011 on page no. 6

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