Modi-Shah-Doval team escalates campaign

We predicted when Mr Doval took over as NSA that the anti-terror campaign targeting Muslim youth through false and fabricated cases will get going in their right earnest. The ideal Modi-Shah-Doval team did not belie us. After all, Modi-Shah team, which is responsible for 21 "encounter" killings in Gujarat with the help of the state IB chief Rajendar Singh, has now a cleverer team-mate. "Terror" cases are being fabricated and ordinary crimes turned into terror cases all over the country from West Bengal to UP to MP to southern states. Unproven charges are slapped against Muslim youth that they were working for ISIS or were on their way to join it while their families cry from the roof-tops that the boys were seeking employment in the Middle East like the 6.5 million Indians already working there. All this goes on while berserk Saffron elements are running wild across the country organising ghar wapsi, making incendiary and criminal speeches and claims which would put anyone of them behind bars in any other country. The callous abandon of this team was seen last month when a very senior scholar in his 70s was illegally taken to the Lodhi Road office of the notorious Special Cell and interrogated there about the funds that run his madrasa and why he receives phone calls from foreign countries. It was the pressure of the local people of Zakir Nagar and adjoining areas who came out in their hundreds, gheraoed the local police station and did not disperse until the Maulana was released. This episode tells us that there is no Lakshman rekha for this team. It also tells us that the unity of the people is a great power which should be used effectively and timely to thwart such illegal attempts to implicate even senior scholars in terror cases. We are confident that had people failed to come out of their cosy homes, the Maulana would have been parcelled away to Sabarmati or Arthor Road jail on cooked up charges.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 February 2015 on page no. 1

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