Bugle of religious conversion


By Dr M. Ejaz Ali
Whether true or false, the news about 250 Muslims changing their religion in Agra is circulating in the media. Members of the Sangh Parivar call it ghar wapasi whereas Muslims call it forced conversion. This became hot news in media at a time when photos of Nobel Prize for Peace being given to Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yusufzai in Norway as well as discussions on this were held on TV. If both these news are analysed seriously and read between the lines, only one conclusion can be drawn: an anti-Islam campaign is in progress. This idea came to my mind because along with this news, another news is being circulated in media by anti-Muslim countries, that the eight most dangerous countries of the world are all Muslim and in the list of these countries, Iraq occupies the top position while the last, i.e., the 8th, is occupied by Pakistan. Though there are 58 Muslim countries in the world, beside these eight countries, the remaining are in some way or the other under the influence of anti-Muslim powers. God has given all these Muslim countries almost everything except perfect and sound mind so as to be able to protect all these eight countries from the anti-Islam campaign.

Here in India too the number of Muslims is not small but Muslim leaders of this country have been engaged for 67 long years in directionless politics, without strategy and wisdom, that the same Sangh Parivar is occupying the country whose very birth and foundation is based on the fundamental principle of Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan (Hindu Rashtra). Muslim leaders may very well claim to be of Arabian, Persian or Yemeni origin but people of the Sangh Parivar know that 95 percent of Indian Muslims are of shudra origin or race whose forefathers at some time in the past changed their religion and entered the fold of Islam. The RSS outfits’ campaign is all about how to bring them back into the Hindu fold, to which end they have been trying from the very beginning and in which they have also succeeded to some extent. In this campaign they have not spared even the Constitution. One should consider that in such an exhaustive Constitution, the fundamental principle of which is secularism, Art. 341 is the one which is being targeted by the Sangh Parivar activists and in which they got two more conditions added subsequently through the central government. The first condition is that this law on reservation is religion-based and is applicable only to Hindus. The other condition is that in order to have or to benefit from the right of reservation, non-Muslims will first have to embrace Hinduism.

Attention needs to be drawn that in this law on reservation, which was enacted in 1936, there was no religious restriction of any kind and a large population of Muslims too were entitled to benefit from it; but in independent India, in the first place and in order to push Muslims even below or behind dalits, the Presidential Order of 10 August 1950 was enforced under Art 341 (Sachar Committee Report is a sort of report card of that Presidential Order). Again, nine years later, on 23 July 1959, the second condition of embracing Hindusism was introduced under Article 341. Fifty or 60 years after the enforcement of the Indian Constitution when Sachar Report was presented and was a testimony to the success of the Sangh Parivar’s anti-Muslim campaign, i.e. to ensure all-round backwardness of Muslims. Now the second condition of Art 341 is being enforced by starting forced conversions. A small sample of this was seen in Agra in the form of religious conversion of Muslims. Even otherwise, this work of conversion is going on secretly and steadily. Because of short sightedness or ignorance of our leaders regarding the first condition, a report like Sachar was brought out, and if the same short sightedness or ignorance of our leaders continues, again, say after 50 years or so, one can very well guess what kind of a report the central government will bring forth.

Religious existence of Muslim Society
In view of the future danger or possibility of this result, a historical demand of removing restriction, by amending Art 341, was started by Muslim Morcha in 1994 from Bihar. Now this problem has come up at the national level. Kundu Committee in its recent report has supported the amendment of Art 341 to remove religious restrictions on the right to reservation. My earnest appeal to Muslim leaders is that in a democratic country like India when we have a secular Constitution, they must do one thing in the interest of the religious survival of future Muslim generations: get the religious restriction removed from Art 341. In this alone lies our survival in this land. As regards the remaining problems of Muslims: they have been tackling somehow and will continue tackling them.  (Translated from Urdu by MG staff)
Dr. Ejaz Ali, former MP, is the founder and patron of All India United Muslim Morcha

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 February 2015 on page no. 2

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