Of Praise for Mr Modi

Calling the chief minister of Gujarat “Nero” by the Supreme Court was a way of describing the rule of Ravana that Gujarat has been undergoing even now. Modi may gloat over the praises showered on him by an American officer of the US embassy or Anna Hazare, etc.. He may cock a snook at the Centre or the Congress party, but it is time now for the nation to see through the kind of demagoguery he has tried to inculcate. This is quite serious. He is a true demagogue, a political agitator who appeals to the basest instinct of mobs. He did his act over and over again. It was evident in his repeatedly asking what the crowd would do to Sohrabuddin. Their encore of murder illustrates the point.

The acolytes and associates of Modi are like the nine blind men who have discerned features which they perceive without fully comprehending of the whole behemoth he is. Major General I S Sinha of Golden Katara Division of Indian Army gave three cheers to Modi for having accomplished his work within a given time. Look at what Modi accomplished overnight. Wali Gujrati’s mausoleum was demolished and wiped off the surface and got a road built over it, overnight. If this was not done by Modi by his own hands he also did not personally kill the nearly two thousand Muslims in the pogroms of 2002. What he had done was to neutralise the police, set the target for Hindus to vent their anger for a full three days. He also moved around applauding the Chharra community women for giving birth to the valiant members who slaughtered Muslims in Naroda Patia.

One of the most gruesome murderers (Suresh Richard) has gone on record telling how Modi visited his womenfolk in the evening of the first day of wholesale murder, slaughter and rape. A senior police officer at the same place refused to protect Muslim women and children and told them that he had orders from above that that day they should pay no heed to the pleadings of the Muslim victims. Police officer KK Mysorewala’s utterance denying help to the Muslims became a title of a report which Human Rights Watch published. Why do those praising Modi choose to ignore all this? They have also not bothered that Mysorewala was the one who told Babu Bajrangi to go into hiding as there was shoot-at-sight order against him. When Modi wanted Bajrangi to surrender, Mysorewala was again used to convey the message.

Mysorewala was superintendent of police of Modasa when Muslims were attacked by Abinav Bharat with bombs on September 29, 2008. He turned a Nelson’s eye to it. Anna Hazare’s reason for praising Modi and Nitish Kumar is the so-called rural development in their states. This is a tinted vision of what actually is the case. Modi’s administration not only failed to do anything to stop the genocide of Muslims but over the years tacitly and criminally let the Hindus systematically boycott Muslims in rural parts of Gujarat.

Most of them cannot even return to their farms and hearths although nearly a decade has passed since the fury he let loose upon them. Their humble professions and commercial establishments along with their homes were destroyed. Were not the Muslim transporters, motel owners and garage mechanics part of the wheel of development of rural Gujarat?

Where was Hazare when this went on year in and year out? Modi did what Slobodan Milosevik did in former Yugoslavia, instigate Serbian mobs against the minority Muslims. The mobs did the rest. It is a national shame that the police never supplied CDs of his derogatory speeches and phone calls to courts. Why did all this fall on the deaf ears of Hazare and Sinha? It is amazing that a Muslim scholar like fellow Gujarati Maulana Ghulam Vastanavi saw the material development in Gujarat as worthy of praise.

Islam does not prefer material development over the spiritual and moral development. Had it been otherwise, the Prophet could have started collecting interest on the money that many deposited with him because of his sterling moral character. Islam forbids usury and values sound moral character. Amitabh Bacchan chose to advertise the glory of Gujarat because of the material considerations. He collects money by advertising, because money is all important. This is his characteristic. A brother of his has got rich enormously and lives in Switzerland with the booty of the Bofors guns deal. Money and conscience are two different and contradicting things. Modi and Bacchan have set their standards. If Bacchan did not invite any of the Khans to the marriage of his son Abhishek, he is free to do so as a citizen of this country. A man is known not only by the company he keeps but also by the company he avoids. Choosing to bond with Modi and not bonding with Amir, Salman, and Shah Rukh Khan is truly melodrama in effect. But in public life there is need for introspection. Modi was against the secular-minded MP Ahsan Jaffri who had opposed his Hindutva ideology during the election at the beginning of Modi’s term in office. Modi chose to ignore and not take any notice of the pleadings of Jafri to save the life of the people taking shelter in his house.

Modi’s party also did not want to pass a motion in Parliament to express grief over the brutal murder of the MP. Again, he like his party, is free in a democracy to hang a portrait of Savarkar in Parliament or bond with Swami Aseemanand or the likes of Babu Bajrangi. Conscience is a strange thing. It is activated in the case of corruption involving money but remains dormant in the corruption of other things.

How many have even thought of Tulsiram Prjapati, a family friend and associate of Sohrabuddin Shaikh? Why does he deserve real praise? He was taken to identify Sohrab. Without losing time he informed Sohrab’s brother Rubabuddin that he had seen Sohrab alive in the police station. Two days later Sohrab was killed. This was the notorious fake encounter that has failed to make any dent in our cussedness as you can see how Modi hobnobs with the fathers of industry like Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata and how he preens at the praise showered by the American diplomatic staff.

Subsequently Tulsiram was brought to Gujarat and killed in cold blood as the Rajasthan police refused to oblige the Gujarat police. During this and since his inception as CM Modi has been the home minister. In 2007 election Modi justified the murder of Sohrab. Can the nation not recall that he went further and told his mobs that what he had done would deserve hanging him and he was ready for it?

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2011 on page no. 7

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