Anjuman Taraqqi-e Urdu Bihar’s old demand fulfilled partly

Patna: Abdul Qaiyyum Ansari, secretary of Anjuman Taraqqi-e Urdu, Bihar said in a press statement that the decision taken by Bihar’s chief minister Shri Nitish Kumar to appointment Urdu teachers in 67,000 primary and middle schools of Bihar is laudable and with this decision, the old demand of ATU, Bihar is fulfilled. According to ministry (Raj Bhasha) secretariat’s letter No. 53/Ra dt. 31/01/10 orders have been issued that names of all government offices, officers, roads and highways should be written, along with Hindi, in the second official language Urdu also. At the same time names of all official residences and quarters, places, roads and parks etc. must be shown, alongwith Hindi, in Urdu also. This is a positive step for justice to Urdu.

He said that we should also in fulfilment of the right of our mother tongue Urdu, write the names of our residences, shops, marriage invitation cards etc. in Urdu and should use Urdu to the maximum extent in our daily life and make Urdu the medium of education of our children. He further said that after Urdu getting the status of second official language of Bihar, Urdu staff such as Urdu translators, assistant translators and typists etc. were to be appointed in all 38 districts, 102 sub-divisions and 538 blocks of Bihar but this could not be implemented fully. For this he has made a demand to Bihar’s chief minister to kindly ensure the appointment of Urdu translators, assistant translators and typists at the earliest and at the same time ensure the supply of computers together with Urdu software to all government offices so that the law regarding the use of Urdu could be fully implemented.
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This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2011 on page no. 7

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