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Release of an encyclopaedia of Urdu media

Hyderabad: Syed Fazil Husain Parvez's book, "Urdu media-kal aaj kal" was released here on 18 January by Dr Ausaf Saeed, the Indian consul general at Chicago. Dr Saeed stressed that we must teach Urdu to our children so that the language stays alive and we must popularise the language through social media networks. He said Google and Microsoft will be useful in this if we use their facilities. Since people in this new age want information at the click of a button, we too should make this possible for our language. He said 85 million people today speak and read Urdu. Dr Saeed added that Urdu press has played an important role in the country's freedom struggle. Urdu newspapers published in India may be more than all Urdu newspapers published elsewhere in the world. Urdu is popular even in China, Japan and US, he said adding that an Urdu library is being established in Chicago and a seminar on Urdu media will also be held there soon. He advised that Deccani poets and litterateurs should be made popular worldwide. Prof. Fatima Parveen said that media should be used to motivate the young generation to devote itself to seek knowledge and progress in this world. Media can introduce the past to the new generation and make it aware of the new possibilities in future.

The author, who is editor of the popular Urdu weekly “Gawah” published from Hyderabad, said while speaking on this occasion that it is the duty of media to disseminate good and stop evil and to support the victims of injustice. He added that Urdu media is the voice of Muslims.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 February 2015 on page no. 13

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